Virtual Reality

Pico 4 VR Headset Review

Many of the Pico 4 advantages are only on paper. In practice, the higher resolution and wider field of view are barely noticeable. On...

Hands-on with Meta Quest Pro: The Metaverse’s Future is Here for $1,500

The Meta Quest Pro is not the Meta Quest 2's successor. While Meta's latest VR headset shares many features with its predecessor, it is...

Top Problems With Smart Home Technology Systems

Among all the trends in modern real estate, innovative home technology is probably the one that will stay the longest. More and more people...

PS5 or PlayStation® 5 User Experience

we will let you know everything about the new PlayStation five UI software update.

Earbuds: The New Experience in Listening

We love listening to music on headphones. Earbuds: the new experience in listening

Super Mario Maker 2 adds World Maker mode for building entire games

Nintendo has announced what it describes as the final update to Super Mario Maker

Spotify launches curated podcast playlists in a bid to make the platform a podcast tastemaker

Spotify is making playlists, but it’s also making its own podcasts too

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