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Sony has always been the best in the market please come to the gaming consoles. this time PlayStation®5 they are bringing something huge. Moreover, they will be completely revamping their you are if you choose to take full advantage of the latest 4K. We will see a lot of customizations, cool new precepts, and a lot more going on with this latest UI launch.

Today we will let you know everything about the new PlayStation five UI software update and the user experience. This is unveiled just a few weeks before we can finally have a hands-on with the latest PS5. There were a lot of rumors going on on the release date of this software update but Sony has finally decided to make it live. Let’s dive into the world of 4k gaming with the new PS5 Software update.

Starting  Animation

You will see a small blinking light that will say PS5 whenever you are starting your console.

You then have to Press start from your dual shock controller to dive into the control centre of the new PS5.

PlayStation®5 – Control centre

The PS5 new control center looks amazing. They completely changed it from the last year of the PS4. Moreover, they have added a lot of customizations and to choose your favorite background from your games. There’s a rich purple look to it Which looks pretty clean. All the tasks can now be done through the control center. Additionally, one of the best features of the new designs is that it is about the gameplay. Every time you switch to any settings you will land on the same page as the game you left from. This is pretty cool and interesting as it increases the speed and overall feel of the game.

The control center now has all the main features that were not present in the previous modes. There are volume, display, notifications, and other microphone settings directly from the control center. However, these settings were usually present only after you quit the game and go to console settings in PS4. Sony PS5 these whole tasks simpler with the touch of a button in the latest console. The whole gaming experience has never been better in the following PS5 User experience 2020

Additional Features of PlayStation®5

Game Progress Cards

These cards are a part of the games you are playing right now on the PS5. All the cards hold a special place in the gameplay. There is this cool feature to access the game from a certain point where you left of an objective or forgot to pick up that famous chest. This feature helps to access and gain extra points for every level of your gameplay.

Switching to other game

You can shift to the control center and then directly access the games downloaded on your latest PS5. In addition to this, you will again lead to the same spot where you left from. Thanks to the super-fast SSD memory present in the latest PS5.

Screenshots and Videos in 4k

You can now easily take a screenshot of your gameplay with a click of the button. Moreover, there are additional features you can use after taking this screenshot. You can edit and share this screenshot while being in the game. Note that the screenshots and videos recorded are now 4k. All hail the power of the latest PS5 resolution size that is 4K making all this possible. You can even share your screen with the party you are playing in. There are features to view your teammate’s gameplay directly on your screen. You can minimize or maximize it with a click of the button. Moreover, you can pin this video to the corners of your current screen so that it doesn’t distract you from your current gameplay.

The mic on your latest dual-shock controller

Yes, you heard it right, the latest controllers have this mic to make your in-game experience even better and smooth. You don’t have to pull your joystick here and there just to type a simple command in the PS5. Moreover, you can tap the mic icon and start recording the same message. This feature is one of the fan favorites because there was too much trouble to write everything down from the native keyboard of PS5.

Separate play store for all your games

Now everyone has the pre-installed version of the app store for the latest games of PS5. You don’t have to download it especially after adding the Sony account into your play station. It is always there with every console out there running PS5. It’s a move by Sony that should be there for a long time ago already. However, better late than never is the case with the latest Play Station 5 by SONY.

Explore Section

This is a beta update of the PS5 latest UI improvement. This section will contain all the news and release by the latest developers whom you are following on the Sony PS5. Also, this will the home to any update by the official Sony PS5 team. There are still bugs and fixes that shall be there on this section of the PS5. Due to these bugs, this functionality might just be restricted to the USA as of now. However, later updates can make this official in every other region in the world.


Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) warrants to the original purchaser that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. In addition to the manufactures warranty, you can opt for an extended warranty PS5 from GoWarranty.  


Sony PS5 is here to stay. It is finally time that developers are listening closely to what their users want. They are delivering their product according to the customer’s needs and wants. There are certain aspects of the latest PS5 which can make it even popular than the former PS4. Let’s see what new updates we will see in the coming days. Until then stay tuned with the latest tech news from us

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