Apple Watch Series 3 VS Apple Watch Series 6. What you need to know

What you need to know

Since I’ve been using Apple products for the past decade, the watch series is the classiest products that I have ever come through. Now, I’ve begun comparing Series 3 and Series 6. What have I noticed?

There haven’t been major changes to the watch series, so you need to have a keen observation to notice the differences. Let’s have a look at Apple Watch Series 3 VS Apple Watch Series 6. What you need to know

Design and Display

Series 6 has a snappy new design along with a 30% bigger display. Moreover, it has beautifully curved corners, a more prominent speaker, microphone and so on. The display comes in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm.

On the other hand, Series 3 has a significant design difference. It has a display which is fine. But, once you are used to the more prominent, curved-cornered display which followed it, I must say there is no going back. Who does not love the sporty as well as classy look at the same time? Moreover, there is a difference in the sizes. Apple Watch Series 3 screens are measured at 38mm and 42mm.

Finish and the Colour

Series 3 has an excellent aluminium finish. The series offers only two colour options – Space Grey and Silver. Hence, if the aluminium is used in Apple Watch, then there is Ion-X glass display.

Let’s dive into my favourite – Apple Watch Series 6. The watch comes in some attractive colours, which is eye-catching and gorgeous too. Indeed, it is blue and of course, the utterly unmissable red. It is a real head-turner.

After the colour, we will talk about the finish. It is a perfect time to switch up to stainless-steel. Without a doubt, the case material of choice is impressive. This particular variant comes in three colours – Silver, a newly refreshed Gold, and the new Graphite finish. Apple definitely has a knack in enticing their customers with colours and materials when it comes to their products.  

If you’re opting for a classier look, then choose the Apple Watch Series 6 in Titanium. This watch comes in two shades – Titanium and Space Black titanium. Both are colours are attractive with a subtle matte finish compared to the glossier stainless steel.

The best thing about Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 6 is that both watches have a sapphire crystal display which is incredibly resilient and long-lasting.

Health and Wellness

Over the last few months, health and wellness have taken uttermost priority in our lives. Expect Apple to grab the opportunity and manufacture a product that won’t only monitor your heart health, but also give you insights of your sleep.  

After the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3, the company has been adding more features to the product year on year. Series 3 needs improvement as it does not have a fall detection feature and noise monitoring. In the Apple Watch Series 3, heart rate is measured using an optical heart sensor. On the other hand, Series 6 has what Apple calls a ‘second-generation optical heart sensor’.

If you want to monitor your ECG and your blood oxygen levels, then your best bet is the Apple Watch Series 6. It’s easy to use, with a tap on your fingers, you would have your reading within minutes. While you’re ECG is monitored on the watch, the blood oxygen can be monitored using LED clusters and four photodiodes. The light that reflects back from your blood vessels to the LEDs indicates the amount of oxygen present in your body. Isn’t this great?


The cellular model was firstly launched in Series 3, but it’s now only sold in models with wi-fi and Bluetooth as the connectivity option. The Watch Series 3 has Bluetooth version 4.2. On the contrary, Series 6 has Bluetooth 5.0. The new Watch models offer cellular as well as non-cellular models.

Processors and capacity

Apple Watch Series 3 comes with the S3 System-in-Package (SiP) chip. Indeed, it is good, but it needs to be improved and modified. As it is three years old. So, it means nothing in front of S5 SiP. After all who is going to buy a SiP, which is three years older and slower. Differing from Series 3, Series 6 has two times faster chip that is S5 Sip. 

It is human nature, as the technology is evolving human are also evolving. So, Apple Series 3 also needs to evolve.

The S6 chip comes in Watch Series 6 and has upgraded speed to upto 20%. Along with this Series 6 only has U1 Ultra-Wideband chip which adds a kind of spatial recognition capability and may be used in features yet to be announced.

Secondly, Series 3 has wireless chip W2, but the newer W3 chip is in Series 6. Last but not least, everyone needs storage capacity so that music or apps can be installed. While we’re busy doing other chores, its easier to handle a watch than a handheld. Watch Series 3 has 8GB storage, which is adequate, but Series 6 comes with 32GB storage.

Where it is Similar

Nothing can be so different if it is the child of the same mother. Some major identical features are that every Apple Watch has had GPS on board. Though the displays are different, both have the same maximum brightness, 1,000 nits.

Indeed, both the watches are water resistance to a depth of 50 meters. In addition to the high and low heart rate notifications. Furthermore, it has an Emergency SOS feature, which means, you can call for help and alert emergency contacts from the Watch, whether it is Series 3, or Series 6. After all, safety comes first and that’s been the selling point since the launch of Series 3. 

There is an ambient light sensor on these Watches so that you can monitor your Watch in dim light. Moreover, they both give you an option for a digital wallet with Apple Pay. 


  • Series 3: Approx. Rs. 20,900
  • Series 6: Approx. Rs. 49,900
Prices are subjected to change depending on the platform.


Apple has cleverly made the range of its watches. Some have useful features, on the other hand, some are pocket friendly. Now it is up to you whether to choose features or the price. Although it does not matter as the basic features are in both the series. So, if you need to go for additional features, then it is worth thinking about the Watch Series 6. 

Additionally, you will still get all the great stuff in both the watches, such as seamless notifications, immaculate timekeeping, and lots of apps. 

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