Which 4K QLED TV to Choose: Samsung 163 cm (65 inches) QE1D series 4K Ultra HD QLED Smart TV QA65QE1DAULXL (Black) or Samsung 138 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV QA55QE1CAKLXL (Titan Gray)?

Introduction to Samsung’s QLED TV Series

Samsung QLED TV series has been the epitome of high-quality picture, unique features, and elegant looks. The QE1D 65-inch and QE1C 55-inch are perfect examples of this, each having its unique selling proposition that may suit different users. Whether one wants a larger display or a small but mighty setup, knowing all the details of each model assists in making the right choice.

Detailed Comparison: Samsung QE1D 65 inch vs. Samsung QE1C 55 inch

Display and Screen Size

Samsung QE1D 65 inch: This model has a 65 inch QLED display, and it offers a 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160, making the viewing experience even more engaging. Its Quantum Processor Lite 4K and Quantum HDR improve the color and brightness of the picture.

Samsung QE1C 55 inch: With a 55 inch screen, this model offers the same 4K Ultra HD resolution. It features Quantum Processor Lite 4K and UHD Dimming Pro, ensuring vibrant colors and deep blacks.

Refresh Rate

Samsung QE1D 65-inch: The refresh rate is 50 Hz, which is sufficient for normal motion and is suitable for everyday use.

Samsung QE1C 55 inch: In the same manner, this model also has a 50 Hz refresh rate, which makes it perform well in all types of content.

Connectivity Options

Samsung QE1D 65 inch: It has 3 HDMI inputs, 2 USB ports, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet (LAN) port, and digital audio out (optical). It supports Anynet+ (HDMICEC), which improves compatibility with external devices.

Samsung QE1C 55inch: This model also offers 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. It supports HDMICEC and includes Dual Audio Support (Bluetooth) and Buds Auto Switch.

Audio Quality

Samsung QE1D 65inch: Comes with a 20W output with 2CH speakers and has OTS Lite and Adaptive Sound features. QSymphony guarantees audio synchronization with Samsung soundbars.

Samsung QE1C 55 inch: Also, provides 20W output with 2CH speakers. It has QSymphony and OTS+ for better sound quality and has Bluetooth audio output.

Smart TV Features

Samsung QE1D 65 inch: Provides Bixby, web browser, SmartThings Hub, Apple AirPlay, Multi View, and multiple mirroring choices. It also supports Daily+ for content based on user’s preference

Samsung QE1C 55 inch: Includes Universal Guide, Media Home, Tap View, and mobile camera. It consists of SmartThings, Smart Hub, and is AI Speaker compatible.

Display Technology

Samsung QE1D 65 inch: Features Quantum HDR and Dual LED for better contrast and color. It has Supreme UHD Dimming and Contrast Enhancer for the best picture quality.

Samsung QE1C 55 inch: Uses 100% Color Volume, One Billion Color, and Dual LED technology. It has a Motion Xcelerator for better handling of action sequences.

Special Features

Samsung QE1D 65 inch: It supports Quantum HDR, 4K Upscaling, and Filmmaker Mode, which gives a cinematic feel. It also has Quantum Processor Lite 4K for enhanced performance.

Samsung QE1C 55 inch: It comes with features such as Media Home, Music Wall, Easy Setup, and Wireless DeX. It also supports a range of apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube

Included Components

Samsung QE1D 65 inch: It includes 1 LED TV, 1 power cord, 1 remote control, and 2 stand cover tops.

Samsung QE1C 55 inch: Comprises 1 QLED TV, 2 table stand bases, and 1 remote control.

Dimensions and Design

Samsung QE1D 65 inch: Measures 2. 6D x 145. 1W x 83. 1H centimeters, it has a modern look and feel.

Samsung QE1C 55 inch: Smaller at 2. 6D x 123. 2W x 70. 8H centimeters, which makes it ideal for areas with limited space.


Samsung QE1D 65 inch: It comes with a 2-year warranty (1 year standard warranty + 1 year warranty on the panel).

Samsung QE1C 55 inch: Comes with 1-year warranty on the entire product and 1-year warranty on the panel.

Table: SidebySide Comparison

Specification      |        Samsung QE1D 65 inch     | Samsung QE1C 55 inch                        

Screen Size        | 65 Inches                            | 55 Inches                                   

Resolution                      | 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)       | 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)                   

Refresh Rate                  | 50 Hz                                | 50 Hz                                       

HDMI Ports                     | 3                                       | 3                                         

USB Ports                       | 2                                      | 2                                         

Connectivity  | WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMICEC   | WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMICEC        

Audio Output  | 20W, 2CH, OTS Lite, Adaptive Sound, QSymphony | 20W, 2CH, OTS+, QSymphony, Bluetooth Audio |

Smart Features  | Bixby, SmartThings Hub, Apple AirPlay, Multi View | Universal Guide, Media Home, Tap View, SmartThings, AI Speaker 

Display Technology  | Quantum HDR, Dual LED, Supreme UHD Dimming | 100% Color Volume, One Billion Color, Dual LED

Special Features  | Quantum Processor Lite 4K, Filmmaker Mode  |  Media Home, Music Wall, Wireless DeX       

Included Components  | LED TV, Power Cord, Remote, StandCover Top | QLED TV, Table Stand Base, Remote Control  

Dimensions (cm)    | 2.6D x 145.1W x 83.1H    | 2.6D x 123.2W x 70.8H                       

Warranty                  | 2 Years                                  | 1 Year                   

Price                        |  ₹1,59,900                               |   ₹99,990

Importance of Electrical Appliance Protection

Purchasing high end TVs such as the Samsung QE1D 65 inch and QE1C 55 inch is a costly affair. It is therefore important to ensure that they last long and perform to the best of their abilities. An extended warranty provides protection beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and shields against costly repairs and replacements. Companies like GoWarranty provides extended warranty which not only give you the assurance, but also helps to protect your valuable electronics and make sure you can continue to enjoy your precious time for a longer time.

Thus, by comparing these two models, potential buyers will be able to identify which TV will meet their needs and provide a satisfactory purchase experience.

GoWarranty provides extended warranty and repair services, so your appliances or devices keeps delivering the best performance and you can focus on what is important for you. We cover all electronic products and our protection plans are widely available across electronics stores and online marketplaces.

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