Comparing the Crompton Optimus Desert Air Coolers: 100L vs. 65i

Crompton has established itself as a company that manufactures and sells quality air coolers that offer efficient cooling solutions to homes and offices. Of all their products, the Crompton Optimus Desert Air Cooler-100L and the Crompton Optimus 65i Desert Air Cooler are the most durable and efficient. This blog will compare these two models, looking at their specifications, features, and performance, so that you can make the right decision.

Crompton Optimus Desert Air Cooler-100L: An Overview

The Crompton Optimus Desert Air Cooler-100L is a large air cooler that comes with a 100-litre water tank and high cooling capacity. With an air delivery of 5500 CMH, it is capable of providing adequate cooling to even the largest of spaces. The cooler has a motorized and auto-swing louvre system that allows for four-way air distribution for the even distribution of cool air across the room. Another feature is the honeycomb cooling pad, which increases the water retention and cooling rate.

As for the specifications, the Optimus 100L has a power of 230W and is capable of delivering air up to 55 feet away. It has dimensions of 104 x 39 x 41 cm, which means that it is a rather large unit that can be used in areas of up to 650 sq m. The cooler is portable and it has a button control panel. It also has an Everlast Pump that is built to handle hard water conditions and thus increases the lifespan of the cooler.

However, the Optimus 100L has some inconveniences. It lacks a remote control and a trolley that would allow it to be easily moved from one place to another. The cooler is also manual, which implies that you have to control it physically and not through a remote control or a smartphone application. However, these are just minor issues that do not overshadow the fact that the Optimus 100L is a great air-cooling solution for those who need a strong and dependable cooler.

Crompton Optimus 65i Desert Air Cooler: Mid-range Excellence

Slightly down in tank capacity but not in performance, the Crompton Optimus 65i Desert Air Cooler comes with a 65-litre water tank. It also provides air at the rate of 5500 CMH, which means it can also cool large spaces up to 650 sq ft. One of the most notable features is the digital control panel combined with a remote control, which is very useful.

The Optimus 65i also has an 18-inch fan that guarantees a wide-angle air throw, which means that the air will circulate in all corners of the room. The large ice chamber with an easy distribution tray enhances its cooling capability even more, making it suitable for very hot climates. The honeycomb pads in the Optimus 65i are of high density and can hold water for a longer period, thus providing better and longer cooling.

Other features of the Optimus 65i are the humidity control, which enables users to set the cooling to their preferred level, and the auto drain feature, which makes it easier to drain the water. This model also features an empty tank alarm for further pump protection and to prevent the cooler from running with no water, which is detrimental to the pump.

One disadvantage of both models is the lack of a trolley; however, the Optimus 65i has a remote control and digital panel, which makes it more convenient to use than the Optimus 100L. It works at the same power and has the same air throw distance, which makes it perfect for those who value comfort and functionality.

 Detailed Comparison of Crompton Optimus Desert Air Coolers

Air Delivery and Cooling Efficiency

The Crompton Optimus 100L and 65i both provide an airflow capacity of 5500 CMH, which is ideal for cooling large areas up to 650 sq ft. Their high-density honeycomb cooling pads and large ice chambers improve cooling capability, making them ideal for hot summer weather.

Water Tank Capacity

The main difference is the volume of the water tanks that are used in these two types of steam generators. The Optimus 100L comes with a 100-litre tank, making it suitable for longer and uninterrupted cooling.

Control and Convenience

The Optimus 65i has an advantage in user convenience with its digital control panel and remote control. This feature enables users to control the cooler from a distance and make changes to the cooler without having to touch it physically. The Optimus 100L, on the other hand, does not have the convenience of automatic controls, which may be a drawback to some.

Additional Features

Both models have additional features such as auto drain functions and humidity control; however, the Optimus 65i has an empty tank alarm for pump protection. This alarm ensures that the cooler cannot run without water, which is beneficial in protecting the pump

Build and Mobility

These two coolers are not trolley mounted, meaning that they are not easy to move from one place to another, which can be a disadvantage for users. However, they are strongly built and large, thus making them ideal for permanent installation in large rooms.

Keys Specs

Model: Crompton Optimus Desert Air Cooler-100L        Crompton Optimus 65i Desert Air Cooler

Capacity:                                   100L                                                                65L

Width x Height x Depth:   70.570.5 cm x 123.5 cm x 47 cm         47 cm x 117 cm x 70.5 cm

Price in India:                         MRP ₹21,500                                          MRP ₹20,500

Choosing the Right Cooler

The Crompton Optimus Desert Air Cooler-100L and the Crompton Optimus 65i Desert Air Cooler are two air coolers that provide reliable cooling with high air delivery rates and cooling pads. The decision between the two models will therefore depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

If you need a large water tank for long cooling and do not care about the absence of automation, the Optimus 100L will be a good option. But if you are more concerned with convenience and features such as a digital control panel, remote control, and pump protection, then you should go for the Optimus 65i.

The Importance of Electrical Appliance Protection

However, regardless of the model you select, it is important to protect your electrical appliances. Service providers like GoWarranty provide you with extended warranty plans and protection plans that can help you avoid expensive repairs and keep your appliances running for a long time. These plans usually include breakdowns, malfunctions, and specific accidental damages, which help to protect and ensure.

In conclusion, while both the Crompton Optimus 100L and 65i Desert Air Coolers are excellent choices, understanding their specific features and your personal needs will help you make the best decision. Consider investing in a protection plan to safeguard your investment and enjoy uninterrupted cooling for years to come.

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