Maintain Your Air Conditioner During Monsoons

Monsoons – should we say it’s our favourite season? While most of you will disagree, the monsoons are great weather for those siestas and chai-pakoda. As we stay at home to enjoy the weather, you must maintain your unused home electronic – the Air Conditioner.

Over the years, monsoon spells have lasted for shorter durations. Due to which there has been an increase in air conditioner usage during this season. Even if not being used during the monsoons, you don’t want to be taken by surprise when the summer heat kicks in. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your air conditioner during monsoons.

Operate Your Air Conditioner Regularly

Operate your air conditioner regularly

In the monsoon season, the drop in temperature levels results in minimal/no usage of ACs. The outside air is cooler and the usage of the fan increases multifold during this season. While air conditioners won’t be used for about 3-4 months, the unit cannot be left non-operational. To maintain the smooth functioning of your AC, it’s advised to switch on the AC every 3 to 4 days for approximately 15-30 minutes. By operating the unit, the gas circulation will be maintained in the machine. And this will avoid, malfunctioning of the unit once the monsoon ends.

Keep Your Unit Clean

Keep Your Unit Clean

During the monsoons, wind speed increases causing dust and leaves to accumulate in the outdoor unit of a split AC. This being the most important part of the split AC, it’s advisable to clean the unit. If accessible, use a soft cloth or cover the unit with a breathable unit cover. This will avoid the accumulation and smooth functioning of the unit.

Switch Off Your Unit During Thunderstorm

Switch off our air conditioner

If you live in Mumbai, you’re unfamiliar with thunderstorms. In most parts of India, thunderstorms, and lightning can cause electrical malfunctioning. If lightning strikes, it could shut down the compressor of the outdoor unit (split air conditioners). Hence, switch off your unit during a thunderstorm.

Maintain a Calendar/Buy Annual Service

get a maintenance schedule

Like all machines, the air conditioner needs to be serviced regularly. To ensure longevity, maintain a calendar/annual service with a technician. If living near the sea/ market area/ by the railway tracks, service the unit monthly. If residing in other areas, service the unit every quarter. This practice is advised for those living in India.

Switch Off Your Air Conditioner During Power Cut

As opposed to summer months, there is an increase in power cuts during the monsoons. Power cuts could happen due to various factors – waterlogging, short circuit, or even damage to the area meter box. When experiencing a power cut, always switch off the air conditioner. Reasons – when there is a dip in electricity, the voltage reduces. When power restores, a sudden increase in the voltage could damage the compressor. This would result in the machine shutting down. Hence, during a power cut, always switch off the air conditioner. And switch it on 2-3 minutes after power has restored normally.

Extended Life For Your Air Conditioner

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Clean The Drain-Pipes

If you have skipped your AC service before the onset of the monsoons, it’s better to check and clean the drainpipe. The drainpipe could be clogged due to the accumulation of dirt during the summer months. If the drainpipe isn’t cleaned, it can cause a water clogging problem for your unit. You want to avoid that!

Switchboard Placement

If the switchboard of your AC is placed near your window stilt, it’s time you consider an alternative. In monsoons, especially during heavy rains and winds, there is a tendency of water to enter your house through the window. In such a scenario, cover the switchboard with a plastic cover. Alternatively, you can use a surge protector.

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