6 Tips to Prevent Refrigerator Repairs

If you invest in a quality kitchen appliance, you want it to last with few or no repairs. This goes double for your fridge...

How to Keep Your Browser From Sucking Up All Your RAM

You probably use your web browser of choice for a variety of tasks: using the internet, obviously, but also watching videos, collaborating in docs,...

Things to have in mind when packing your appliances

Kitchen appliances, at least good ones, are always expensive and tricky to care for. We use them so often they have layers of dirt...

Tips To Prepare Your Appliances For Storage

Having to store your appliances for the short or long term can potentially cause them damage. That is if you don't take the time...

Tips For Moving And Storing A Washer & Dryer

Are you looking to find tips for moving and storing a washer and dryer? Well, look no further! Here is our guide on how to do it.

Home Appliances Care and Maintenance Tips

Are your home appliances not functioning properly or needing repair too soon? Your machine broke down in the middle of a cycle? Your food...

How To Avoid Damages When Moving Appliances To Your New Home

How can one avoid damages when moving kitchen appliances? It is an age-old question that we are going to answer right now!

Vacuum Cleaner Problems & How To Fix Them

You are also facing problems while using a vacuum cleaner at your home and in the car. Undoubtedly, Vacuum cleaners are like your maid....

Maintain Your Air Conditioner During Monsoons

Monsoons – should we say it’s our favourite season? While most of you will disagree, the monsoons are great weather for those siestas and chai-pakoda. As we stay at home to enjoy the weather, you must maintain your unused home electronic – the Air Conditioner.

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