Whirlpool introduces their Neo Fresh Glassdoor refrigerators in India

Whirlpool of India, a Whirlpool Corporation affiliate, has introduced the all-new Neo Fresh Glassdoor Frost-Free refrigerators in India. The Neo Fresh Glassdoor Frost-Free refrigerators will be available in Crystal Black, Crystal Mirror, Pixel, and Galaxy finishes. With 265L and 292L capacities and 2-star and 3-star energy ratings. Starting at Rs 33,000 on https://www.whirlpoolindia.com/ and all leading consumer electronic retail stores.

According to Whirlpool, They also include inverter technology, making them extremely energy-efficient and ideal for environmentally conscious customers.

The Neo Fresh Glassdoor refrigerators are available in a variety of colors and sizes. And the business says that they can keep gardens fresh for up to 12 days.

About whirlpool refrigerators

Whirlpool is a well-known American refrigerator manufacturer that offers a wide range of models. Also, Whirlpool refrigerators are versatile, innovative, and have a luxury feel about them. With almost a century of expertise, it is one of the few consumer durables enterprises to have weathered the Great Depression of the 1930s. Therefore, it is now the world’s largest home appliance manufacturer.

In terms of its business in India, Whirlpool first entered the market in the late 1980s, working with the TVS company. It has swiftly extended its activities since then, with production facilities in Pondicherry, Pune, and Faridabad, as well as a headquarters in Gurgaon. Although, Whirlpool was the market leader in the refrigeration industry in the mid-90s. With little competition from other corporations and the purchase of Kelvinator India. However, as east Asian businesses such as Sony, Samsung, and LG arrived on Indian shores, the power dynamics shifted. After some time, Whirlpool has made a comeback in the appliance sector in recent years. demonstrating strong growth and widespread appeal among Indian customers. It is the third-largest refrigerator company in terms of revenue, behind Samsung and LG, with a market share of roughly 17%.

Whirlpool Neo Fresh features

The frost-free range has been skillfully for Indian households, based on a solid customer understanding. However, Neo Fresh Glassdoor fulfills all of the design, aesthetic, innovation, and technological requirements. According to the firm, they offer useful and user-friendly refrigeration solutions that are free of scratches and smudges. They also use inverter technology, making them extremely energy efficient and ideal for environmentally minded customers.

Whirlpool Neo Fresh refrigerators are available in a variety of colours and sizes. They’re jam-packed with cutting-edge technology that can keep your garden fresh for up to 12 days. Its 6th Sense DeepFreeze Feature prevents cold air from escaping even though the freezer door is opened. Also, its Microblock Technology prevents bacterial development in your fruits and vegetables by up to 99 percent. Different scents do not mix together because of Active Deo’s strong anti-odour activity.

Whirlpool introduced the Magicook Pro series of Convection Microwave Ovens with an in-built Air Fryer last month. Also, there are three varieties in this new series, with prices starting at Rs 18,900.

With its advanced technology, the new line includes unique in-built features such as an air fryer for oil-free cooking. Every pleasure is guilt-free and healthy thanks to the built-in Air Fryer, which cuts calories as well as uses less oil. The sanitization feature helps to keep germs away, and the immunity booster menu provides nutritious and delicious cuisine.


 The refrigerator is an aesthetic delight, skillfully created for Indian households and exhibiting Whirlpool’s design superiority and cutting-edge technology. The frost-free range is based on solid customer insight. It points to a growing desire for elegant and appealing refrigerators that complement their lifestyle. Neo Fresh Glassdoor checks all the boxes in terms of style, aesthetics, innovation, and technology. While also delivering useful as well as consumer-friendly refrigeration solutions that are scratch-free. They also include inverter technology, making them extremely energy-efficient and ideal for environmentally conscious customers.

These refrigerators, which come in a variety of colours and capacities and are equipped with innovative technology that provides up to 12 days of garden freshness, are a wonderful fit for modern Indian households.  The Vegetable Crisper using Honeycomb Moisture Lock-in System keeps the veggies at the right moisture level, and Active Deo’s powerful anti-odour action guarantees that various odours don’t combine.

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