Vizio M65QXM-K03 M-Series Quantum X TV Review: Good gaming performance and features

The 65-inch M-Series Quantum X (INR 73,999) is brighter than the 50-inch TV model ( INR 51,999) in the same series, and it has excellent colour performance and contrast. Light bloom is a minor issue, and shadow details can appear washed out, but it’s an improvement over the 50-inch model in every other way. Furthermore, because it uses the same panel as well as backlight design as the 75-inch Vizio M65QXM-K03 M-Series Quantum X, you can expect similar performance from the larger screen.

Despite these advantages, the Hisense U8H (INR 1,14,999 for 65-inches, frequently available for much less) and TCL 6-Series Google TV (INR 77,999 for 65-inches) remain our top picks for overall value as well as their even brighter panels, while the Hisense U6H (INR 65,799 for 65-inches, frequently available for much less) is our Editors’ Choice for budget-friendly TVs.

Smart cast with same design

The 65-inch MQX is essentially a larger version of the 50-inch Vizio M65QXM-K03 we previously tested. From the front, it appears understated and minimalist. On the back, it has four HDMI ports (one eARC, one 4K120 for gaming) and a fairly simple remote with a microphone for voice search.

The SmartCast TV platform is also the same on both TVs. It supports Apple AirPlay as well as Google Cast for local streaming from your phone, tablet, or computer and has a large selection of major streaming apps. It also has Bluetooth, so you can listen to what you’re watching privately with headphones.

A more vibrant image with vibrant colours

The Vizio M65QXM-K03 is a 4K TV with a refresh rate of 120Hz. It supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HDR10+ high dynamic range (HDR) content. When testing TVs, we typically extrapolate test results across different screen sizes in the same line, assuming they’re manufactured in the same way and have the same features. The 50-inch Vizio M-Series Quantum X, is an exception because Vizio claims that the larger sizes in the series produce more brightness. While the 50-inch Quantum X is still an excellent TV, one of our complaints was that it didn’t get very bright.

A Klein K-80 colorimeter, a Murideo SIX-G signal generator, and Portrait Displays’ Calman software are used to test TVs . Due to the addition of LEDs, the 65-inch Vizio MQX is significantly brighter than the 50-inch model because of backlight and panel from different manufacturers.


The TV displayed a peak brightness of 437 nits with a full-screen white field as well as 617 nits with an 18% white field out of the box in Calibrated mode with an SDR signal, with a black level of 0.01cd/m2. These figures rise to 565 nits with a full-screen white field, 803 nits with an 18% white field, as well as a black level of 0.002cd/m2, for an effective contrast ratio of 401,500:1. This is a significant improvement over the smaller TV in the same line (443 nits peak brightness, 0.05cd/m2 black level, and 8,054:1 contrast ratio). It’s not as bright as the Hisense U8H (1,982 nits) or the TCL 6-Series Google TV (1,189 nits), but it’s still very bright and has deep blacks.

However, there is noticeable light bloom with the default local dimming settings, and adjusting the settings to reduce light bloom can either end up making the picture dimmer or make blacks much brighter. SDR colours are generally accurate, with the exception of slightly undersaturated reds and slightly skewed yellows and magentas. Its HDR colours are actually slightly better, with reds and blues nearly perfect and yellows and magentas running more accurately, though cyans drift slightly green. It’s nearly identical to the 50-inch MQX, which is great news.

Accurate Colour

The Vizio M65QXM-K03 wide and accurate colour range makes BBC’s Planet Earth II look fantastic. Plant greens and sky and water blues appear vibrant, varied, and natural. Fine details such as fur and bark are visible in both bright and dim lighting.

In the overcast opening scenes of Deadpool, the red of Deadpool’s costume is balanced and well saturated, and not even slightly purple or grey. Later, in the burning lab fight, the yellows and oranges of the fire appear bright, and details in shadows appear clearly, albeit occasionally a little lighter than ideal.

Improved Gaming

Due to its variable refresh rate (VRR) with AMD FreeSync Premium and auto low-latency mode, the 65-inch MQX is ideal for gamers (ALLM). We measured input lag of 5.8 milliseconds in game mode using an HDFury Diva HDMI matrix, which is well below the 10ms threshold we use to consider a TV good for gaming and nearly a millisecond lower than the 50-inch MQX model we previously tested.

A Larger and Better Screen

Thanks to its brighter panel, the 65-inch Vizio MQX outperforms the 50-inch model. It’s still not the brightest TV in its price range; the Hisense U8H, TCL 6-Series Google TV, and Roku TV are noticeably brighter for not much more money, and thus retain our top recommendations. Furthermore, while Vizio’s TV lacks a hands-free voice assistant, it does support Apple AirPlay and Google Cast and is one of the few models that supports both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync. Since Vizio claims the 75-inch model does have a similar backlight system and panel to the 65-inch model, we’re confident that the larger screen will perform similarly.

Weak Points

The only obvious flaw in the Vizio M65QXM-K03 is its motion resolution. Even in the “Calibrated” picture mode, which is aimed at video purists who would expect to see no motion smoothing in a TV, some motion processing is turned on by default. Vizio doesn’t go overboard here – De-Judder was set to 2 out of 10, while De-blur was set to 1 out of 10 – but the net effect was noticeable enough for me to notice some artificial smoothing when watching 24 fps movies.


The Vizio M-Series Quantum X TVs in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes provide a moderately bright, high-contrast picture with solid colour performance, as well as good gaming and local device streaming features.

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