Top Myths about Smartphones

Truly, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. There are so many myths about smartphones all around us. Indeed, we believe most of these myths. 

Let’s discuss some of these myths and debunk them for you!

Background apps decrease smartphones speed

app speed

Truly, we all have believed this myth in the past. To be honest it makes sense that too many background apps would affect the battery power due to more processing power.

Most modern smartphones are “smart” enough to optimise foreground tasks and are equipped with algorithms that shut the apps when not in use. Phone manufacturers have put a lot of effort into improving this area. On the other hand, if you open and close multiple apps, that will lead to the drainage of your battery.

Rice will save your wet smartphone

wet phone

Indeed, this is far from the truth. Your phone can only survive against water if it is water-resistant such as the newer iPhones or Samsung Galaxy. In the case of other phones, they will stop working when exposed to water. 

Of course, rice absorbs moisture. This method only works when rice comes directly in contact with the water. In this case, the rice cannot reach the insides of a sealed phone. On the other hand, the powdery starch from the rice can increase the corrosion by entering the cracks in your phone so be careful.

A screen protector is a must


Earlier, a screen protector was important as touch screens of smartphones were made of thin, responsive glass susceptible to cracks, chips and scratches. However, now all major smartphone manufacturers have introduced super-tough displays such as Gorilla Glass. These displays are quite sturdy and for sure, do not need a screen protector. 

Higher megapixels equate to a better camera


Higher megapixels does not translate to a better camera. In fact, megapixels indicate how big the photo will be. For example- A 12MP camera will create a picture with 12 million pixels. 

One should focus on the quality of the image processor, sensor and lens when buying the best camera phone.

Charging your smartphone overnight is risky 


For many years we have been hearing that charging your phone the entire night will destroy it. Meanwhile, this is far from the truth. In the earlier days, phones did not know when to stop charging and thus this posed a risk. However, modern phones are designed in such a way that they stop charging once the phone is 100% charged. 

Smartphones are risky to planes, hospitals and petrol pumps

aiplane mode

When phones were brand new, everyone preferred to be cautious about this radiation-emitting device. Hence, hospitals, aeroplanes and petrol pumps banned them. The real truth is that phones are quite harmless and too weak to create much of a ruckus such as crashing a jet. It is still advisable to not risk it, hence these bans have not been uplifted.

4G uses more data than 3G


Of course, 4G is faster than 3G. However, it does not use more data than 3G. Data refers to the information flow between the device and the internet. For example- downloading a picture will be much faster in 4G comparatively. In this case, we can even say 5G is faster than 4G and there is no other difference. 

Smartphones emit harmful radiation 


We hear this all the time. Everyone is advised to keep their phones far away while asleep at night. Harmful radiation emissions from the phone cause cancer is what we hear. Yet, this is not true. 

Mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves. In fact, these phones emit completely safe and really low radiation waves.

Automatic Brightness saves Power


This does make sense, however, is untrue. We believe automatic brightness will always adjust according to the environmental settings. This does not always work. In contrast, automatic brightness might not lower the brightness, even in a well-lit setting. Secondly, in a dark environment, the power saved in auto-dimming will be less than the power the light sensor uses.

Thus, we have busted some myths about smartphones for you. Hopefully, this article has made you a more informed smartphone user. 

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