Things to Look for When Buying a Dishwasher

There is a lot more to consider when buying a dishwasher than you might think. So, to ensure that you get a good one, join us today and learn about the various things to look for when buying a dishwasher!

Basic performance

The first of the qualities to look for when buying a dishwasher should be a high basic performance level. Simply put, the quality of washing and drying needs to be satisfactory. A dishwasher has become one of the home appliances that cover the daily needs of a home, especially with the hectic lifestyle we are all caught in. The dishwasher isn’t very helpful if it leaves behind bits of food even after the dishes have been washed once and forces you to rewash them by hand or put them through another cycle. Similarly, the better the drying options it has, the faster you can use your dishes again! Reviews are the most reliable way to learn about a dishwasher model’s performance.

A simple dishwasher with dishes in it

Type of dishwasher

The typical ‘types’ of dishwashers are:

Countertop dishwashers. These dishwashers are simple and small and do not require a professional setup. They need to be positioned on a countertop next to a sink because they need to be hooked up to a faucet and empty out the water into the sink.

Built-in dishwashers. This type of dishwasher is installed under or near a kitchen sink. They require a professional to put in but are typically larger and have fancier options.

Portable dishwashers. These dishwashers need access to a sink just like countertop ones but are generally larger and have more options. They do not need to be professionally installed. They are typically considered the best of both worlds for functionality and mobility. But be cautious when moving household appliances such as portable dishwashers to a new location. Always remember to be careful when lifting one, and lift with your legs and not your back. It will save you from back injuries.

The type you buy should match your needs and circumstances, so think carefully!


Noisiness is one of the most common kitchen appliance problems if you are living in a small home or apartment. Naturally, you likely do not wish to be so bothered by your own dishwasher that you cannot sleep! So, one of the first things you should make sure of is that the dishwasher you are eyeing is relatively quiet. Again, you can learn about this particular trait through reviews or by consulting with the store’s personnel in which you are looking for dishwashers.

Available cycles

Now, we have finally come to a simpler subject to research among the things to look for when buying a dishwasher. Namely, the variety of washing cycles that the particular machine offers. Typically, the cycles offer a variation of three things. These are the water temperature used, the intensity of the washing, and the duration of the washing cycle. Some dishes and cooking implements may require specific conditions when being washed to avoid damaging them. And this is precisely why you want to have a decent selection of different washing cycles. In addition to that, it can be beneficial to have a cycle with higher electricity consumption that you can fall back on if you need to wash a lot of things quickly.

Additional options

Once you’ve got the cycles you want locked down, you can start looking through the fancier additions. The typical buyer’s favorite is being able to set the time for when the wash should start. This would allow you to set up your dishwasher and take advantage of the late-night cheap electricity without actually staying up to start it yourself. Another helpful option is ‘half-load’, where you can choose to have only the top or the bottom of the rack washed. This lets you save some money if you have only a few things you need to have washed.

Type of interior tub

The interior or ‘inner’ tub is what makes up the walls of the area inside your dishwasher. As you learn more about dishwashers, you will realize that there are two types of standard interior tubs: stainless steel and plastic. Admittedly, the stainless steel option typically costs more than the plastic one. However, that is not to say you should prioritize this type of interior tub! Quite the contrary, since a stainless steel tub is better in pretty much every way. It will last longer, be more reliable, withstand more punishment, and you do not need to worry about it suddenly developing a leak.

Loading capacity

Naturally, one of the qualities to look for when buying a dishwasher is a loading capacity that fits your needs. And note that this does not mean you should go for the largest dishwasher around. If you have a large family, this is, of course, fine. But if you live alone or with just a single family member, this would be a tremendous waste. Smaller dishwashers tend to be more efficient, after all. And there is no reason to fire up a large capacity dishwasher for only a few dishes every day.

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The interior organization

Last but not least on our list of the qualities to look for when purchasing a dishwasher is an excellent interior organization. Simply put, when loading up a dishwasher, you will be relying on the racks that it features. If the racks do not allow you to use the available space properly, you may as well have bought a smaller dishwasher with a better rack. Ensure that there are proper areas for cutlery, larger pots, pans, and similar, and regular dishes such as plates and bowls. This will help immensely.

A dishwasher accessory

Final word

Being familiar with the things to look for when buying a dishwasher should make it so that you can pick out the best possible one! All you need to do is take your time. Do not rush to buy the first dishwasher that catches your fancy. There could be better ones out there waiting for you!

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