Is It Wise To Buy Your Kitchen Appliances Abroad?

When visiting a foreign country, it is nice to have the freedom to buy what you like. A souvenir. A nice piece of clothing. Even a helpful tool. All can make your visit more memorable and add a specific value to the item you’ve bought. But, is it wise to buy your kitchen appliances abroad? Well, that is what we are here to find out.

Upsides of buying your kitchen appliances abroad

To properly go over this often contested subject, we will first outline the upsides of buying kitchen appliances abroad. After all, if there were no upsides, people would seldom consider this option. But know that, while these upsides may seem alluring, they can be overshadowed by potential downsides. Furthermore, keep in mind that the country you are from and the appliance you are trying to buy can play a significant factor. So, while we will try to give you a decent frame of thought to base your decision upon, know that the final verdict will be up to you.

Lower cost

Depending on where you are from and where you are staying, kitchen appliances can be surprisingly cheaper if you buy them abroad. If you are already having financial difficulties, this can be pretty useful. While the cost of manufacture is pretty much the same around the globe, know that taxes do play a role in how expensive something is. Furthermore, the local economy is always going to influence the cost of local items. So, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that, while abroad, you can find kitchen appliances for half the price. In certain instances, this benefit alone outweighs all the potential downsides that you might have to face.

Not having to pay for shipping

One of the main reasons we do not always purchase items from a foreign country is that shipping can be pretty costly. Once you factor it in, the benefit of a lower price may seem less appealing. But, if you are visiting a foreign country, you might not have to pay any shipping fees. This, of course, is primarily dependant on the item you wish to buy. No one will make a fuss if you get a small espresso maker in Italy for your personal use.

A mug in front of a coffee maker.

But, if you plan on bringing a dishwasher back home, you might want to check legal requirements. Certain countries may require you to pay taxes if your kitchen appliances go above a specific price range. But, all in all, not having to pay shipping fees is one of the major benefits when compared to buying online.

The downsides of buying kitchen appliances abroad

As with all things in life, there are certain downsides to buying kitchen appliances abroad. These may not apply to your situation, or they may apply to a lesser degree. It depends on what you need to ship and from where. But, all in all, there are points to keep in mind when deciding whether the item that caught your eye is worth hauling back home.

Difficulty with shipping kitchen appliances

Suppose you’ve come to a country with the forethought of buying a particular item. Then, it would probably be fine because you have likely figured it all out. But, if you’ve only decided to buy it once you’ve seen it, you may need to tackle certain issues. Namely, you need to handle the transfer, which can often be quite arduous. As a rule, kitchen appliances are fragile, cumbersome, and heavy. Therefore, you need to pack them properly to ensure that they will survive the journey back home. Seeing that you haven’t brought packing supplies with you, you will have to go out of your way to find them. The packaging that you find in the local store is only suitable for a local move. For international relocation, you will need to add some extra safety layers.

A person packing kitchen appliances in a box

Furthermore, you need to consider the mode of transport. If you have your own vehicle and it can comfortably transport the appliance in question, great. But, if not, you will need to consider other options. This may even require hiring professional movers and having them transport your item for you.

Potential warranty issues

Let’s say that you’ve managed to bring your item home in one piece. You unpack it, start using it, everything works great. But, after a while, your appliance suddenly stops working. What now? If you have bought the item locally, you can easily claim your warranty. But, if you have purchased the item abroad, you will probably have to jump through hoops to see any effort from the company.

First of all, suing them is incredibly expensive and complicated. Companies are well aware of this, which is why they won’t bother much with helping you out. If they don’t have a representative in your country, they will probably ask you to either bring or send the item to them. This, as you might assume, is quite costly, and it doesn’t even guarantee that the company will fulfill the warranty. And even if they do, you will probably have to spend the next couple of months without the appliance.

A person going through warranty paperwork, which is something you need to do when you buy your kitchen appliances abroad.

Should you buy your kitchen appliances abroad – the final verdict

If you are only looking for small, easy-to-fix items, you should definitely purchase them abroad. With them, you won’t have to rely on the producer’s credibility, and you can easily fix them in your country if need be. However, keep in mind that cheaper items are usually much more challenging to maintain, which is why you need to carefully consider their quality. On the other hand, if you are considering a heavy, expensive appliance, first try to weigh out how much money you are saving. Furthermore, carefully consider the credibility of the company you are buying from. Try to see how they will honour the warranty if something does happen. If you do all of this, and the appliance still looks like a good deal, then, by all means, go and buy your kitchen appliances abroad.

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