India Launches Nokia C21 Plus Smartphone Featuring Android 11 Go: Price, Details

With the introduction of the new Nokia C21 Plus smartphone, Nokia continues to concentrate on the inexpensive market in India. For this gadget, the manufacturer is employing the Android 11 Go version; it is powered by a Unisoc chipset and has a large battery capacity.

Nokia C21 Plus Price

The Nokia C21 Plus smartphone is anticipated to cost Rs 16,090 in India. On May 4, 2022, Nokia C21 Plus is anticipated to be released in the nation (Expected). The Nokia C21 Plus smartphone may be available in the colours Dark Cyan and Warm Gray.


Design and Key Features

Budget smartphones seldom set new trends in design, but the Nokia C21 is superior than most. At 8.6mm, it’s a touch hefty by today’s standards, but it has a lot going for it, including relatively thin screen bezels, a discrete hole punch notch for the front camera, and wavy fingerprint-like ridges that cover the phone’s plastic back. In the UK, it is available in Grey or Dark Cyan.

A small rectangular camera block that houses the Nokia C21’s two cameras is thoughtfully positioned in the top-left corner of the device, above a fingerprint reader that is installed on the back. In testing, the latter was successful. Two nano-SIM cards may fit in the phone’s SIM card tray, plus there is an additional slot for a microSD card if you wish to expand the internal capacity. Additionally, a 3.5mm headphone jack is situated on the top edge. The phone, sadly, does not enable NFC transactions.

The presence of a micro-USB charging connector at the bottom is the only other issue I have. As a result, charging speeds are excruciatingly sluggish; in my tests, it took over two hours to fully charge from nothing. However, Nokia at least included the necessary chargers in the box.


You shouldn’t expect the Nokia C21 Plus to offer the finest viewing experience in the world given the budget, but the screen is still rather nice for the money, Although it only has a 6.52-inch IPS display with a 1,600 x 720 resolution technically, it did rather well in our tests.

With a measured average Delta E of 2.87 and a contrast ratio of 1,604:1 and a high peak brightness of 390cd/m2, there is a lot to admire about the image’s colour fidelity, Nokia’s sub-£150 handsets would be lovely to have high refresh technology, but given the cost, you can’t really lament its lack.

Performance and Battery Life

The Unisoc SC9863A CPU powers the Nokia C21 Plus. With an IMG8322 GPU and an octa-core processor running at 1.6GHz, this device only has 32GB of expandable storage and 2GB of RAM, which is the absolute least for an Android device.

That might seem a little weak, but according to our benchmarks, the Nokia C21 Plus is the quickest device in its class. The C21 Plus outperforms the Nokia 1.4 by 25% on the Geekbench 5 multi-core test, and you can tell the difference between the two devices as soon as you turn them on.

The Nokia C21 navigates more quickly and starts up and unlocks more quickly. Sadly, battery life has taken a slight hit. In our movie playback test, the Nokia C21 Plus only lasted 13 hours and 10 minutes, falling almost an hour shy of the Nokia 1.4. Even with modest daily use, you will undoubtedly need to charge the phone every night with a score this low.


The Android 11 Go Edition, a version of Google’s mobile operating system made primarily for low-end devices, is the mobile OS that the Nokia C21 Plus uses. This implies that the phone comes preloaded with modified “Go” versions of Google’s programmes, including Chrome, Maps, and Gmail.

Due to small 32GB of internal storage, they require less storage space than the usual models, and updates are also smaller. Even though there are fewer quick access options in the notification tray, using the phone is basically the same as using Android 11 in its standard form. Recent screenshots of your open apps are also not displayed by the app switcher.

The symbol in the corner of the camera app, which formerly showed how many more photos you could shoot before using up all of the phone’s storage, is also missing in this update. This has always been really helpful to me, especially when there isn’t much room, and I hope it comes back in the releases.


The Nokia C21 Plus has three cameras: a 13 MP primary camera, a 2 MP depth sensor, and a 5 MP selfie camera on the front. There isn’t much to say here other than that they work okay in a pinch and that if you’re an Instagram fiend who takes a lot of pictures, you’ll need to spend a lot more money.

Although the colour balance is pleasant and neutral and there is a fair bit of detail in the photographs, it is not ideal. Photographs might seem soft or harsh depending on the lighting, and under strong lighting, it tended to overexpose pictures. Additionally, there was some delay between hitting the shutter button and the image being captured by the camera. Even with the slider set to zero, there is clearly a face smoothing effect applied to portrait pictures with little to no background blur. At least the selfie camera wasn’t too awful.

Finally, video is recorded in 1080p and 30 frames per second instead of the Nokia 1.4’s maximum of 720p. The majority of the footage appears decent, but since there is no image stabilisation, you must be careful to hold your phone motionless when shooting.


A fantastic low-cost smartphone is the Nokia C21 Plus. In many respects, including processing speed and general design, it surpasses the Nokia 1.4, and the display isn’t too awful either, Although it has several drawbacks, such as painfully sluggish micro-USB charging and a meagre battery life, you could certainly do a lot worse for under £100. Overall, I’d say it’s the greatest phone currently available in its price range.

Warranty Plan

Warranty1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Extended Warranty2 years Extended Warranty from the GoWarranty for the Nokia C21 Plus phones
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