Hisense AS-18TC4RAM1 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC: is it eco friendly?

Hisense AS-18TC4RAM1 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC is an air conditioner that gives great value to the customers. It has many useful features like it is easy to modulate the cooling and adjustment of the speed of the compressor to get better and more powerful cooling. It even has 4 in 1 convertible mode. Also, in a polluted environment, the PM 2.5 filter provides protection from pollution and viruses. The 3 in 1 Vitacarb present takes care of the health. Also, it produces fresh air which strengthens immunity. It has an intelligent compressor that gives unmatched cooling even if the temperature outside is around 54 degrees.

About Hisense

Hisense Group, based in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, is a Chinese multinational white goods and electronics producer. Hisense’s main products are televisions, and the company has been the top TV maker in China by market share since 2004.

Hisense sells items under a variety of brand names, including Hisense, Toshiba, Gorenje, Sharp, Kelon, and Ronshen. It is also an OEM, which means that some of its products are sold to other firms under brand names that are unrelated to Hisense.

Hisense Group employs about 80,000 people globally and operates 14 industrial parks, some of which are in Qingdao, Shunde, Huzhou, the Czech Republic, South Africa, and Mexico. There are additional 18 R&D centres in Qingdao, Shenzhen, the United States, Germany, Israel, and other locations.

Hisense makes white goods for the telecommunications and data communications sectors. It includes televisions, set-top boxes, digital TV broadcasting equipment, laptops, mobile phones, wireless modules, wireless PC cards, and optical components. It also offers property management, information technology services, product design, mould design, pattern creation, mould processing and manufacture, and so on.


With its curved corners and almost cylindrical structure, this Hisense split air conditioner offers a beautiful modern appearance. The LED display doesn’t really feel out of place, and the remote, although a little large, does not feel cheap. The remote control is responsive, and the batteries endure for a long time. If you’re more familiar with the tonne as a unit of measurement, this Hisense air conditioner is 1.5 hp or 0.32 tonne. As a result, it is appropriate for compact spaces. Rooms as little as 100-120 sq ft are available. Consider acquiring a bigger air conditioner for larger rooms. Seriously, 1.5 horsepower isn’t much power for an air conditioner. It will not be enough to keep a huge workplace cool. I believe it is better suited for little bedrooms.


Panel DisplayLED
Dimensions1000(W) x 230(H) x 295(D) mm
Condenser CoilCopper Condenser
Outdoor Dimensions780(W) x 281(H) x 557(D) mm
Turbo ModeYes
Noise43 dB
Weight11 kg
Sleep ModeYes
Cool ModeYes
Dry ModeYes
Anti Bacterial FeaturesYes
Auto-Air SwingYes
Remote ControlYes
Capacity1.5 ton
Cooling Capacity5.28 kW
Star Rating4
CompressorRotary Compressor
Voltage Required140 – 290 V
Power Consumption1.46 kW
Auto RestartYes
Night Glow ButtonsYes
Inverter TechnologyYes


This Hisense ac’s turbo feature works as claimed. When used in a suitably sized area, it may swiftly chill the space. A room may be cooled from 38° C to 26° C in about 9 minutes. That’s a lot of cooling in a short period of time. Even in this hot environment, it operates well. As a result, it would continue to function through heat waves. However, the fan swing rate is a little sluggish. I wish it was quicker. In addition, the AC appears to be slow when first turned on. It takes a few minutes to reach top speed. The noise level is acceptable. It’s not silent, but it’s quiet and bearable. While the fins are moving at their quickest, you can easily carry on a conversation.

Power Use

Hisense AS-18TC4RAM1 air conditioner, but it can draw up to 250 watts. Air conditioners are notorious energy hogs, so this is to be anticipated. This Hisense air conditioner is not tolerant to low voltage. If you wish to power it with a generator, any generator rated at 3.5 kva or more would suffice.

Other Features

As a result, it has gold-plated fins. This is a selling factor since gold-plated air conditioner fins endure a long time. This is due to the gold’s ability to shield the fins against corrosion. The filters are conveniently located outside. All you have to do is remove the filter and clean it of any dust or dirt that has gathered. I’ve already talked about the turbo feature. It lacks additional features such as smart running and WiFi capability. There is also no discernible mosquito repellant component.


It has a one-year warranty that you may get at any Hisense store near you. Because of the cost-benefit ratio, I’m not very satisfied with this Hisense AS-18TC4RAM1 air conditioner. Given its small size, it’s far too pricey.

Warranty Plan

Warranty1 Year, 5 Years Warranty on Condenser, 10 Years Warranty on Compressor
Warranty TypeManufacturer
Extended Warranty2 years Extended Warranty from the GoWarranty for the Hisense AS-18TC4RAM1

Daikin V Hisense: Which is better?

Daikin was awarded the best value air conditioning brand by the Air Conditioning review team. While the initial investment for their equipment is expensive, the units make up for it in dependability, features, and energy efficiency. They got great marks for their aesthetic appeal and dependability. Hisense’s line is also not the cheapest, but they have added elements like smart technology and simple controls in their machines. Hisense’s offering is now confined to split system home units due to the company’s newness to the market, whereas Daikin offers systems for both the residential and commercial markets.

The Sensitive Choice programme has recognised Daikin for its allergy-friendly air filtration and purification technologies. To decrease energy use, their controllers include a lock mechanism and temperature limitations. They are simple to programme and include Wi-Fi capabilities. Hisense’s home collection has been created to give comfort in the tough Australian climate. Hisense’s units are built to last and are simple to use, with filters that can be simply removed, cleaned, and replaced by users, reducing the cost of bringing in a professional.

GoWarranty provides extended warranty and repair services, so your appliances or devices keeps delivering the best performance and you can focus on what is important for you. We cover all electronic products and our protection plans are widely available across electronics stores and online marketplaces.

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