Vacuum Cleaner Problems & How To Fix Them

You are also facing problems while using a vacuum cleaner at your home and in the car. Undoubtedly, Vacuum cleaners are like your maid. They work as a helping hand while cleaning. Sometimes vacuum cleaners also get tired, and you must know what the problem is and how to fix it. Moreover, it is just like before having medicine, you must understand the symptoms and the problem.

Vacuum cleaners are used to remove dirt particles, but these dirt particles can sometimes be a problem, but no worries can be dealt with efficiently. Let’s discuss the challenges which every people experience with vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum Cleaner Belt has broken

Vacuum Cleaner Belt has broken


It is quite a common problem while cleaning generally solid particles such as lint, string, hair, or small stones get trapped. Due to this, brush roll is affected, and that restricts the movement, mainly it results in increased friction and pressure on the belt. Additional to this, if any problem with brush roll assembly or bearing it would lead to a direct issue in the vacuum cleaner belt.

How to fix 

This problem can be controlled or managed by removing those dirt particles or objects, and if it has already trapped in the belt, this can be fixed by cleaning the belt, which will allow the belt to move without any difficulty. The problems need to fix as soon as possible, or else it would lead to wear and tear forever.

While fixing this, it should be noted that the brush roll cover is not in direct contact with the belt.

Burning Smell or Smoke in Air



This is another common problem which is faced by users during cleaning. When the burning smell is coming due to a belt, or the smoke is coming out of the vacuum cleaner due to overheating.

How To Fix

When a burning smell is coming from the vacuum cleaner, then the belt needs to be replaced. If the smoke is coming, you need to stop vacuuming immediately or lead to severe motor issues.

Avoid trying any die techniques or trying to fix this problem at home. Moreover, you should call assistance and replace the belt or motor.

Vacuum Cleaner is Noisy and Vibrates

loud noise from vacuum cleaner


In most of the houses, people face vibration or noise problem while vacuuming. Hence, this is because of the drive motor, when dirt enters the engine and causes a blockage, this would lead to broken fans.

If the noise is coming through a vacuum cleaner brush, it could be due to a single broken brush roller bearing. Sometimes, there may be breakage or erosion when the meeting is attached to the vacuum cleaner’s body.

How to fix 

When this problem occurs with the vacuum cleaner, then the broken fans need to be replaced immediately.

Suppose the problem is in the vacuum cleaner brush. In that case, the complete brush roller assembly needs to be replaced, or when breakage or erosion occurs, this could represent a terminal issue where the machine is no more of use, and you need to replace your vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner Lacks Suction



Vacuum cleaners are used to clean dirt, but this dirt can be a problem sometimes. A clogged air filter can be responsible for causing a lack of suction. Moreover, to this, sometimes, a lack of suction can also cause a blocked Vacuum Hose.

If the dirt is unable to be vacuumed by suction, then this would be unable to clean dust. Thus this could lead to damage to the blower wheel. Additional to this, suction could also lead to a fault in the dust cup assembly.

How to fix

If the air filters are clogged, you need to inspect it and clean it thoroughly. Moreover, if the damage is significant, the filter needs to be replaced. It should be kept in mind to see whether the exhaust filter is blocked, torn, or physically damaged.

Secondly, if the Vacuum hose is blocked, it can be checked by flashlight, and if the light does not pass through it means residue is there and that needs to be cleaned be long handle,

The blower wheel can be fixed by rotating it manually and see whether any obstruction is there or not. To fix this suction problem, it needs to be noted that dust cups are correctly assembled. If not, it cannot generate a proper cleaning force. Moreover, if there are any cracks in the dust caps, it needs to be replaced.

Apart from this, vacuum bags need to be checked, whether it is full or not. If it is, then you need to clean it or replace it by reading the manual.

Vacuum Cleaner Belt Does Not Spin

Vacuum Cleaner Belt Does Not Spin


Sometimes, there is difficulty in the belt’s spinning due to the construction of appliances, when the belt is overstretched, misaligned, or broken. Additionally, these types of problems can also be raised when there is a jammed brushed roll.

How to fix

To fix this, it should be noted that the drive belt and the clogged belt is in perfect working order. If either of them is broken, then it needs to be replaced.

Secondly, if the roll brushed is jammed, it should be cleaned and appropriately stretched before replacing it. Additional to this, we should also pay attention to the brush’s roll assembly and ensure there is no external objects trapped to it, or else if the roller brush is cracked or broken, it needs to be replaced.


To conclude this, I would like to say that the Vacuum cleaner’s problem is not huge, and it can be fixed quickly, you need to know the situation and way to fix it. Apart from this, the Vacuum Cleaner comes with a warranty, and the parts are easy to be replaced.

Simple fixing procedure is explained, and you do not need to go to the service center to fix your vacuum cleaner. Moreover, a frequent issue is overstraining, and the vacuum cleaner’s fault can be resolved, which will maximize your appliance’s productivity for a long.

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