Laptops Errors And Their Solutions

Over the year’s laptops have gone through variations. From bulky to slim, with less capacity and power to the fastest version. Everything has been updated and got pretty good. Inspire of these upgradations in the technology at times laptop faces common issues. Which can be easily resolved with some basic knowledge of the things. When it comes to technical devices like laptops it’s important to have enough and accurate information. So here we are with this article.
It will walk you through every problem and its solution.

Problem: Screen Turns Black

laptop screen black problem

Al times laptops or computer screen automatically turns black. A laptop is not shut down but the screen turns off. You can see the laptop is working by noticing the other functional lights on. Hardware that can cause the laptop screen to turn black is the motherboard, hard disk, crystal display, memory bank, etc. It is a very common issue that can occur by logical fault or hardware problem.


To solve this problem of the black screens, you should try turning off your laptop immediately by cutting the power supply or removing the battery. You can also remove other things such as the modem, hard drive, which will give you a clear idea of what made your laptop screen go back. Even after this, your screen does not turn back to normal then it’s most likely to blame the motherboard. That correction can only be done by experts.

Problem: Laptop Shut Down Suddenly Or Freezes

So, if your laptop shuts down suddenly that can be quite irritating when you are doing some important work. You can lose your unsaved data and other files. This problem is more likely to happen when your laptop is heated too much or your fan is not working problem. Fan wipes out the heat building in the laptop which cools your laptop and helps it to work better. When a fan gets dusky and deals with another issue laptop tends to heat and shut down to prevent any other problem.


To get rid of this problem you need to clean your fan and remove all the dust trapped in there. If more heat will be thrown out laptop will feel much lighter. If it’s a hardware failure, you can simply go to the device manager and check for the same. so, you can get it fixed by the company.

Problem: Battery Issue

Laptop Battery issue

If the battery does not charge properly, there are plenty of explanations for that. Your charging sport may have become defective. The battery can also be damaged due to some reasons. It is a common problem with all the properly. Users generally have to replace the battery in some time to make sure that the laptop functions properly. The charger can be defective.


If you think battery can be the issue shut down your laptop, remove the battery and clean it a little. Let it be out for a minute or so put it back in and power on your device. Put your device on charge and the problem might resolve. If the charger is not working you can get it checked or get a new one.

Problem: Failing Screen Lights

Dim screen light can cause strain on your eyes. If you work on your device for a long hour. Then you should surely focus on solving this problem. The reason behind this problem can be a fuse on your laptop’s motherboard. This can cause the screen light to fluctuate. At a time when your laptop gets a lot of strain together, it’s likely that the motherboard fuse out.


Well, unlike your room lightning, the screen is made to be replaceable. As the problem is caused by the motherboard, it can be easily replaced. At times the inappropriate supply of power can also cause lights to flicker. So, keeping these components in mind can help you solve your problem.

Problem: Keys Not Working

Have you ever noticed that at times? Keys bring up the wrong characters or do not work at once. This is very common proper in laptops. Though it is not caused in the early stages. As we know that amortization of any device makes it less functional. Sticking keys should be a problem too.


If you come across such an issue you should try removing your keycap and clean beneath it. So that it can function properly. If you face any other technical proper then you might have to consider the advice of the experts.

Problem: Beep Sound On Starting

You listen to a regular voice while starting your laptop. At times there is a weird beep sound which can generally occur due to any stuck key. Or maybe you have left an activity open while shutting sound, to prove you an indicator. This is an easy fix


Try cleaning up your keyboard, so that the stuck key comes to its initial position. Make sure you close all your applications while shutting down the laptop.

Problem: Computer Does Not Turn On

Laptop Not turning on

There are many things due to which your computer does not turn on. when the device is not shut down properly, it does not turn off. First of all, you have to make sure that while shutting off all the lights turn off. Which can reduce the cause of this issue. Other components such as problems in the hard drive, motherboard, m battery can also be the problem. Also, one of the reasons why your computer does not turn on can be that DC jacks have failed.


As already mentioned in the above line, shut down your computer properly and then try to turn it in. It doesn’t helps try to remove your battery which ensures complete shutdown and then tries to turn it on. In the case of the DC jack, you need to get it replaced by the new one.


These were common problems that people generally face in their daily. We have provided all the possible solutions to this problem. Let us know in the comment section below if you would like to know about any other problems with the laptops.

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