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Freedom from Wires

It can be quite challenging when it comes to selecting the right pair of earphones. Isn’t it, there are so many amazing choices to select from. But not every earphone is able to provide the quality of sound you want. In this dynamic environment, wireless earphones have changed the way of listening to music. Wireless Bluetooth earphones come with more clarity and comfort compared to traditional earphones.

Enhanced design that perfectly fits your ear. Improved sound quality which can put you on your feet. New noise cancellation technology. Easy touch control and much more.  A wise person will prefer to check every detail before buying anything. So, let’s check out these amazing wireless earphones which are rocking with their sound in 2020.

One Plus Bullets Wireless 2   

  • One plus Bullets Wireless 2 is to fall in love with. It is inspired by the stainless-steel design, which looks as beautiful as they are comfortable. This product comes with superior sound quality, soft trebles, and low basses that give a soothing sound to your ear. It provides better phone call clarity with Qualcomm®️ cVc™️ noise cancellation technology.
  • It holds convenient and very easy control. Magnetic control is an amazing feature of one plus bullets wireless 2. It connects automatically when separated. Also disconnects when put together. Easy switch between devices and quick pair. With its fast charging technology, 10 min charge can give day-long battery life. Get freedom from wires and freedom from charging stress.

Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones

  • Bose has made its place in the market by its research. It aims at providing the best quality to the listener. When you look after buying the best wireless earphone Bose SoundSport earphones is the one for you. It’s designed to provide perfect fit and stability while working, dancing, Workouts. It comes with volume-optimized EQ. which helps to deliver the best quality sound even in crowded places.
  • Easy controls with one-touch NFC pairing. Pair these earphones with the Bose Connect app. With its amazing initial voice commands. You can take calls, change songs and much more. Now no more carrying the device in your hand. put your device away and enjoy
  • Bose SoundSport earphones come with sweat and weather-resistant properties. which makes it sturdy.                                                              
  • Battery performance is another highlighting feature. listen to your favourite music for six endless hours.
  • Also, the quick charge feature gives you additional one hour of entertainment.

Sony – C400 Wireless Earphone

  • Sony c400 wireless earphones come with a very sleek and unique design. Which eliminates all the problems of handling wires. This neckband owns a one-touch NFC and Bluetooth. Which enables easy connections. With a single touch, you can activate your connection and listen to your favourite music.
  • Talking more about how it is so user friendly. It’s easy to skip tracks, adjust volume, activate your assistant with smart voice technology. Sony earphones have made your experience totally hand free.
  • Don’t miss out that now you don’t have to miss your important calls. It vibrates when you get a call.
  • Sony earphones come with excellent battery performance. Stream your music, movies, and work for 20 hours without any break. A one-time full charge provides you 20 hours of battery life.

Boat Rockers 255 Sport Earphone

If you are looking for trendy look and amazing features, this earphone is for you.

  • Light-weight in design but heavy-weight in performance.
  • This earphone is designed for hands-free operations. Its 4.1 Bluetooth technology provides easy control.
  • Now do everything with a single touch and don’t bother to carry your device in hand.
  • It provides powerful sound, boosted bass and crystal clarity. To enhance your experience, it comes with great noise cancellation technology.
  • Boat rockers 255 sports earphones HAS amazing battery life with 110 mah battery.
  • Now charge for 10 minutes and listen up to 45 minutes
  • It comes with fast charging facility

This device is stable as well as stylish.

JBL T205BT Wireless Earphone

JBL is famous for providing best sound quality to the users.

However, JBL T205BT is one of the best example of that. This earphone is designed to fit into you ears without hurting them.

  • It is light-weight at just 16 grams
  • On the other hand, it is best for jogging, workouts and running without any problem.
  • The sound quality of the JBL T205BT is excellent.
  • It provides a decent base which is due to 12.5 mm motors. Perfect for music enthusiasts. Noise cancellation is again an impressive feature, which gives you hands-free operation.
  • Now freedom from carrying your device all around.  This earphone comes with your personal voice assistant, which follow all your commands. Taking calls, shifting tracks is now easy. The speakers lie near the shoulder when you put it on.
  • One of the most important factors is battery performance. This earphone does not support fast charge. it takes up to 2 hours to 100% charge. Also, it supports google and Siri.

Overall, it is good and comfortable earphones but lacks battery life.


We all would agree that music is an important aspect of life. To enjoy music, we need the best audio device.  So, if you want to purchase earphones it must provide best sound quality, comfortable design, noise cancellation technology, good battery life, sturdy appearance, sweat resistance and last but not the least reasonable price. And Bluetooth wireless earphone comprises all the features.

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