Best 43 Inch 4K TV in India 2022: Side by Side Comparison

With so many options, purchasing a 43-inch 4K TV can be quite perplexing. In this blog, I will clear up any confusion and today I will compare all TVs to determine the top 5 best 43 inch 4K TVs in India 2022. I compared 22 televisions before deciding on the top five. I’ll compare them side by side. I will explain and demonstrate the reasons for their positions. You will make the decision. I purchased these televisions. They are not evaluation units. I purchased them in order to review and compare them.

I have Reviewed it, and I advise you to stay away from Motorola Revou 2 TV. The OnePlus Y1S Pro and Realme TV are identical. I recently purchased a OnePlus Y1S pro. I’ll soon trueview Realme. Redmi’s Trueview must already be familiar to you. But this is a comparison specifically of these TVs. The OnePlus Y1S Pro and the Redmi TV. 

Picture Quality

The OnePlus Y1S pro has more than 400 nits of peak brightness, compared to 315 nits on Redmi TVs. The brightness test clearly favours the OnePlus, but that doesn’t mean its image quality is superior. Brightness is just a measurement. There are other factors you ought to think about. The best picture quality does not always result from good brightness. Along with brightness, dynamic range, or HDR, is important. The greater the colour optimization, the greater the dynamic range. In the same video, you can see their colour optimization. 

Due to its wide dynamic range, the Redmi produces better image quality. Despite its higher brightness, OnePlus couldn’t produce such vibrant colours. It is not due to the fact that they have different panels. In fact, both have an 8 bit FRC VA DLED panel. The primary distinction is in colour optimization. Redmi TV has better colour optimization. The colours of the OnePlus appear to be dull. Due to the high brightness and lower colour optimization, it lacks jet blacks.

Best TV shows in chronological order

The following items are available for purchase: 

5)Redmi TV

4) Hisense A6H

3) Samsung Crystal Neo 2022 model

2) LG UQ7500 or LG UQ8020. I made this comparison after comparing them all. The Redmi TV has an 8-bit FRC VA DLED panel with a peak HDR brightness of 315 nits. The Hisense A6H has an 8-bit FRC VA DLED panel with a peak HDR brightness of 350 nits. Crystal Neo has an 8-bit FRC VA panel with a peak HDR brightness of 330 nits. The peak HDR brightness of the LG TV with 8 bit FRC IPS DLED panel is 350 nits. Their image quality and colour reproduction are vastly different.

Audio Quality

The Redmi TV has 30W bottom firing speakers. The down firing speakers on the Hisense A6H are 20W. Samsung and LG both have down firing speakers that produce 20W. All of the televisions have average sound. However, Redmi outperforms the others. However, it is not cinematic. A soundbar is required for a truly cinematic experience. In terms of connectivity, all televisions are the same. All televisions have three HDMI ports (1 is 2.1 eARC port). They support Bluetooth and dual-band WiFi. They also have one or two USB ports. I can’t show all of the TVs’ viewing angles at the same time. However, I have reviewed all of them.

How do LG and Samsung provide better performance despite the fact that they do not support Dolby Vision?

This is due to the fact that HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision are all HDR formats. No TVs in this price range display detailed content at 350-360 nits of brightness. What matters for good picture quality and detailed content is dynamic range and colour optimization. This is HDR10+ quality. HDR10+ is only supported by Samsung. HDR10 is supported by all other televisions. This is HDR10+ material.

1) The Samsung Crystal Neo

2) The LG UQ7500

3) The Hisense A6H

4) The Redmi TV.

Three of the televisions are VA panels, and one is IPS. However, we will judge the performance of blacks using the same criteria. The performance of the blacks surprised us. VA panels are expected to have good blacks. Except for LG, the resthave a VA panel that produces good blacks. However, black peopleLG TV’s products were also excellent. But why are colours so dissimilar? It’s because they have different colour optimizations.


You can think about it if the price drops during the sale. You have a choice. The Sony X74K 2022 TV is ranked first. After comparing it to the LG Nano cell 73, 75, and Samsung 9070, I gave it first place. Its colours are superior to those of all other TVs in this price range. Sony includes an 8-bit FRC IPS DLED panel with a peak HDR brightness of 340 nits. It supports HDR10 and HLG, but its HDR10 performance is incredible. No other TV in this price range can compete. Other brands may have brighter screens, but Sony has the best image quality. The dynamic range is a component of image quality.

Sony has the best dynamic range. The Sony X74K has excellent colour optimization and black levels. Its Motion Flow XR tech works well and effectively controls motion blur. It ships with Android 10 and Chromcast support out of the box. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as Apple Airplay. However, it only has one eARC port. Sony has only provided one ARC port. The soundbar will work, but Dolby Atmos support will be unavailable. However, it has the best image quality. Dolby Audio is supported by the Sony X7420W K’s full range down firing open baffle speakers. I’ve tried to explain why picture quality is important and what to look for when purchasing a television.

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