Xiaomi Smart TV X50 Review: Among the best budget Android LED smart TVs

Xiaomi has recently launched the Smart TV X series in India, expanding its line-up of smart TVs. The Smart TV X series, which is based on the Mi TV 5X, is available in 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch screen sizes. The 50-inch model, like its twin sibling, is powered by the Android TV 10 platform and includes the Xiaomi PatchWall interface. It includes support for the most popular high dynamic range (HDR) formats, MEMC (Motion Estimation Motion Compensation), Dolby Audio, as well as DTS:X surround sound system. Despite having similar features, the Xiaomi Smart TV X50 costs Rs 4,000 less than the Mi TV 5X at Rs 34,999. Is it as good as before, or has Xiaomi cut corners? Let’s check in this review.

Xiaomi is one of many brands that has managed to bring a 4K viewing experience to buyers on a budget. And it has done so without sacrificing screen size. The latest Mi TV 4K version with a 50-inch screen is the one we’re looking at, and we’ve had a chance to take a closer look at it in the last few weeks to see if it lives up to the promise of value and quality in equal measure.


Despite having a thin metallic frame and a bezel-less front profile, the Xiaomi Smart TV X50 lacks the premium appearance of the Mi TV 5X. It’s because the TV comes with excessively large plastic legs with a glossy finish. The large footprint makes the leg impractical for table-top installation, especially if the table has a small coverage area. The glossy finish appears to be an afterthought, as it does not match the overall finish and build quality of the TV.

The quality of the panel as well as the design of these low-cost smart TVs has improved over time. I noticed the differences when comparing it to my 5-year-old 4K TV, which is also in the budget category. The bezels on the Mi TV are smaller, and the wide-screen profile provides a better viewing experience.


The Xiaomi Smart TV X50 is a technologically advanced offering in the budget LED smart TV segment. It has a 4K UHD resolution screen and supports common HDR formats such as Dolby Vision and HDR. Furthermore, MEMC allows users to watch content at a frame rate natively supported by the panel – 60Hz. MEMC is uncommon in low-cost LED smart TVs, and it is one of the Xiaomi Smart TV X50’s distinguishing features. This technology is useful when watching fast-paced content like sports, but it is less useful when watching traditional content like movies, TV shows, and so on.

In terms of picture quality, the screen is adequate for an LED panel, with adequate contrast and brightness. The screen is among the best in terms of price-performance. It works well for standard dynamic range (SDR) content that also dominates the content space, but it leaves one wanting more when it comes to HDR content due to the screen’s limited contrast range and low brightness. This is common in LED TVs and should not be interpreted negatively for the Xiaomi Smart TV X50. On the plus side, the Xiaomi Smart TV X50’s LED panel is among the best in its class.


In terms of audio, there are stereo speakers with a peak output of 30W and support for Dolby Audio and DTS:X Surround technologies. Although the speakers do not support Dolby Atmos, the TV does have HDMI (eARC) pass-through. As a result, Dolby Atmos cannot be experienced natively on TV speakers, but the signal can be passed through to a supported soundbar or other audio accessory. The output from the speakers is loud and clear. When DTS:X Surround is enabled, the speakers produce a good surround sound effect that is suitable for an immersive audio experience.

UI and Performance

The Xiaomi Smart TV X50 boots the Android 10 TV operating system, which includes the PatchWall user interface as a secondary interface. Secondary because the Android UI is the default interface on the TV. Switching to the PatchWall is simple, thanks to a dedicated button on the small Xiaomi remote controller. PatchWall’s user interface has improved significantly, and it now appears polished, intuitive, and simple to use. For added convenience, Google services such as Assistant and Chromecast are available.

The Xiaomi Smart TV X50 is not a performance powerhouse, with a quad-core A55 processor, 2GB RAM, and 8GB on-board storage. Nonetheless, it provides an enjoyable experience. It’s surprising because the Mi TV 5X, which has a similar processor and RAM, struggled with performance. Despite this, there is no discernible lag when navigating the user interface, and content playback is smooth.

What’s not good?

With the Xiaomi Smart TV X50, there aren’t many issues, but I can say that the company’s remote control could be better. The Xiaomi remote control has a minimalist design that is attractive to the eye, but it still has a lot of empty space. A dedicated Settings button, which is present on some remotes, could be a great addition even though there are a few dedicated OTT buttons for apps like Netflix and Prime Video. Users would be able to change settings directly while watching a video or movie and make real-time adjustments to things like colour temperature or picture mode.


The Xiaomi Smart TV X50 lacks a premium stance when compared to the Mi TV 5X. Furthermore, it lacks far-field microphones for Google Assistant service and has half the on-board storage of the Mi TV 5X. Nonetheless, it is a good buy because there are no compromises on the essentials. The Xiaomi Smart TV X50 provides an excellent audio-visual experience. On top of that, there are numerous connectivity options, including 3 x HDMI 2.1, 2 x USB 2.0, Ethernet, AV input, optical, and a headphone jack. There is dual-band Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity.

The Xiaomi Smart TV X50 is an easy recommendation if you’re looking to buy a good 4K TV with all the features you need and no extras you probably won’t use, in large part due to its good display panel, affordable features, and quick performance.

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