The Dizo Wireless Dash Earphones are set to launch in India on May 17 and are said to provide up to 30 hours of playback time

In the Indian consumer electronics industry, competitive price is frequently the key to success. Realme has gotten this right on many occasions, particularly with its accessories and audio items. Dizo, a Realme TechLife ecosystem offshoot, has now taken things a step further, making costs even more appealing. This young startup has swiftly introduced a slew of inexpensive audio and wearable goods in India. It includes the Dizo Wireless Dash Earphones I’m reviewing right now.

Is this the greatest wireless headset for the money available right now?

The launch date for Dizo Wireless Dash Earphones in India has been planned for May 17, according to the manufacturer. A separate homepage on Flipkart has also been teasing the new audio device’s features ahead of its launch and introduction in India. The Dizo Wireless Dash Earphones has 11.2mm drivers and charges over USB Type-C. On a single charge, they provide up to 30 hours of gameplay. The new earbuds supersede the Dizo Wireless Power neckband-style headphones. 

Launch Date

Dizo announced the official launch date in the country of the Dizo Wireless Dash neckband-style earbuds in a tweet. The earphones will be on sale on May 17 at 12 p.m. IST. The new earphones will be available through Flipkart, according to the Realme TechLife partner brand. To tease the arrival of earphones, the e-commerce business has developed a unique landing page on its website. Those interested in receiving the latest information regarding the launch and availability can click the “Notify Me” option on the website.


The Dizo Wireless Dash Earphones is said to be more advanced than the Dizo Wireless Power neckband-style earbuds. Which were released in February this year for Rs. 1,399. New neckband type earphones are likely to be priced in line with this.

The Dizo Wireless, which costs Rs. 1,399 in India, is identical to the recently announced Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo, but costs a little less. This is a basic wireless headset with few functions beyond Bluetooth connectivity. But it offers superb sound at an affordable price. Is this the most cost-effective wireless headset available right now?

Dizo Wireless is compatible with Realme Link

Dizo is part of the Realme TechLife ecosystem, and its design, components, and functionality appear to be heavily influenced by its parent business. When it comes to characteristics and functionality. The Dizo Wireless looks extremely similar to the Realme Buds Wireless 2 and is almost identical to the Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo.

The headset features a flexible rubber neckband, two modules on either end, and short cords to the earpieces. When you detach the earpieces or snap them together. A magnetic power switch allows you to turn the Dizo Wireless on and off. The right module contains volume and playback controls as well as a USB Type-C charging socket. While the left has a basic Dizo logo emblazoned on the outside. Although the magnetic power switch is useful. When this headset is in a backpack or purse. The earpieces  accidently separate, which turns it on and wasting power.

The Dizo Wireless, like other neckband earphones, offers an in-canal fit that ensures optimum noise isolation. Although the short wires rub against the face when moving around. Also, it is rather pleasant to wear. Two additional sets of silicone ear tips in various sizes are provided in the box for a more personalised fit. It also includes a short USB Type-A to Type-C charging.

The Dizo Wireless Dash Earphones includes 11.2mm dynamic speakers. Also, a 20-20,000Hz frequency response range, Bluetooth 5 connection, and only supports the SBC Bluetooth codec. For enhanced voice pickup on calls, there is ambient noise cancellation.

On the Dizo Wireless, you get acceptable sound quality and no frills listening

Aside from app support and features like low-latency mode and rapid switching between attached devices, the Dizo Wireless concentrates on the fundamentals of sound. This headset supports Bluetooth 5, which assures strong connection reliability, and the tuning is about as excellent as you can expect from a wireless headset in this price range.

For most of this review, I had the Dizo Wireless linked to my iPhone and was listening to music via Apple Music. The first thing I noticed in the audio characteristic of Mylo’s Drop The Pressure was a low-end tilt. The grunt in this club favourite tune came from the quick drums and catchy riff. It was a little rough around the edges at times, but it was a long cry from the muddy, unpolished sound I’ve heard from most inexpensive wireless headphones. The sound was also good enough; nothing special, but sufficient for lengthy periods of listening.

Moving on to Boney M’s energetic and vibrant Sunny. The sound is a little flat and lacks depth and crispness. The low-end slant didn’t overpower the rest of the music, and the group’s famed voices took centre stage. The Dizo Wireless, on the other hand, shines in tunes with a lot of bass. Rusko’s Hold On (Sub Focus Remix) allowed it to concentrate on the dubstep track’s fury and energy.

Some Extra Features

Considering all of this, the Dizo Wireless Dash Earphones don’t have a lot of detail. Also, the low-end slant and reliance on voice communication is appropriate, considering its price and the usual likes of ordinary purchasers.

For voice calls, the Dizo Wireless provides ambient noise reduction .It gives nice experience using these headphones to conduct talks. The earbuds were loud and simple to use both indoors and outdoors. Also, the sound quality was acceptable on both ends of calls.

The low-latency option did help to lessen audio delay when gaming a little (at the cost of a tiny loss in sound quality). But it’s not nearly good enough to recommend these earbuds for competitive multiplayer gaming. Where a time delay might mean the difference between (virtual) life and death.

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