Sony Bravia X9000H Series – PlayStation Ready

Sony has launched unique products within these years. Moreover, it is still a heart stealer as it takes care of every need of society as it captures all the electronics industry segments. Sony never afraid of experimenting with new formats and designs, so now again, it is here with brand new Bravia X9000H Series.

Features for Sony Bravia X900H Series Television

Reproduces a more comprehensive, more precise range of color

Sony has come up with a widening color spectrum. Moreover luminous powered up by our X1 processor reproduces more color in contrast to other televisions. Additional to this, it analyses the data and processes every image to give you a completely new experience and takes you to the tour of natural living.

Enjoy the precision

Precision is perfection. Imagine if you can experience every detail of the picture. Moreover, LEDs lit, and Full-array LED provides a more realistic view by making light areas lighter and dark area darker. Additionally, its contrast is enhanced by extended Dynamic Range, which adjusts brightness for higher peaks in glare and deeper in shadow. It should be noted that this contrast is more vivid and perfect for viewers.

Extended Life for Your Sony Television

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Minimalist stand designed for harmony

The thin metal stand sets perfectly in the room; moreover, it gives a beautiful approach to your room.

Beautifully molded Sound

This series comes with a fantastic bottom-firing speaker; moreover, it comes with an output of 20W. Additional to this, it also has the support of Dolby audio and Dolby Atmos. It also has two additional tweeters that are placed behind the screen. Besides, these speakers are also located below the screen, and this gives a perfect sound. This Sound is out of the box and gives an immersive experience. It is a treat for those who love the theatrical experience at home.

Narrow Aluminium Bezel

Aluminum Bezel gives a perfect view by canceling what is going around; moreover, it keeps focus on the TV. 

Super Resolution

Experience 4k resolution, which is enriched with real-world detail, the processor, and the texture. Moreover, this is powered by a 4k HD processor X1. Additional to this, if the images are filmed in 2k, it still gives you a 4k HD resolution experience. It also has a refresh rate of 60Hz. Besides this TV use, an LCD panel with full-array LED backlighting promises better contrast and brightness than edge-lit.

Object-Based HDR

The object-based HDR remaster, the color, and contrast is adjusted according to objects on the screen. Moreover, the TV reproduces depth, textures, and more realistic pictures. Additional to this TV is adjusted along with black to white curve, which is not harsh to your eyes, and you can have a smooth watch throughout the day.


For better connectivity, the Sony Bravia has a better option to connect through the world with Wi-Fi 802.11ac, ethernet, Bluetooth 4.2, RF connector. Moreover, this will help you with google assistance with a voice command. 


Finally, it provides you four HDMI ports, optical audio-out, headphone jacks, and two USB ports. These ports will help you with easy access through your phones or external devices.

Sony Bravia X9000H Series – PlayStation Ready

Sony Bravia H900H Series Specifications

139 cm (55″)
164 cm (65″)
189 cm (75”)
215 cm (85”)
Approx. 1231 x 710 x 70 mm
Approx. 1231 x 780 x 338 mm
Approx. 1350 x 836 x 162 mm
Approx. 1053 mm
300×300 mm
Approx. 1450 x 833 x70 mm
Approx. 1450 x 903 x 338 mm
Approx. 1576 x 961 x 186 mm
Approx. 1128 mm
300×300 mm
Approx. 1674 x 961 x 71 mm
Approx. 1674 x 1034 x 410 mm
Approx. 1812 x 1110 x 188 mm
Approx. 1321 mm
300×300 mm
Approx. 1899 x 1089 x 72 mm
Approx. 1899 x 1162 x 441 mm
Approx. 2038 x 1235 x 260 mm
Approx. 1527 mm
400×400 mm
Approx. 16.5 kg
Approx. 17.5 kg
Approx. 23 kg
Approx. 22.2 kg
Approx. 23.2 kg
Approx. 31 kg
Approx. 32.9 kg
Approx. 34.4 kg
Approx. 46 kg
Approx. 45.8 kg
Approx. 47.7 kg
Approx. 62 kg
Bass Reflex Speaker;
X-Balanced Speaker
Acoustic Multi-Audio;
Sound Positioning Tweeter,
X-Balanced Speaker
Acoustic Multi-Audio;
Sound Positioning Tweeter,
X-Balanced Speaker
Acoustic Multi-Audio;
Sound Positioning Tweeter,
X-Balanced Speaker
Full Range (Bass Reflex) x 2Full Range (Bass Reflex) x 2,
Tweeter x 2
Full Range (Bass Reflex) x 2,
Tweeter x 2
Full Range (Bass Reflex) x 2,
Tweeter x 2
114 W142 W180 W223 W
Wall-mount Bracket (SU-WL450 (Terminal access limitation)Wall-mount Bracket (SU-WL450
(Terminal access limitation)
Wall-mount Bracket (SU-WL450
(Terminal access limitation)
Wall-mount Bracket (SU-WL450 (Terminal access limitation)

The TVs come with object-based HDR remaster technology that claims to enhance contrast, detail and colour. As per Sony, the Triluminos display is powered by 4K HDR Picture Processor X1 that reproduces more colors than a conventional television.

Sony further claims that the ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ TV models come with Bravia Game Mode, which allows users to automatically play games on the PS5 console with low latency. The Android TVs are Google Assistant-compatible and work with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit.

The Dark Side of Sony Bravia X9000H Series

Sony Bravia HX855 has some issues regarding its performance like it needed noise filters, color gradation, and shadow detail. In contrast to this, Sony Bravia HX900 has improved all these features and developed new enhanced features. So, it is perfect for purchasers.


Although Sony Bravia has a sexier profile and commendable visual performance for an edge-lit LED model. Additional to this, the full-array advantage and overall picture quality are perfect for your house, which will compliment your room. Moreover, as it has come up with new enhanced features that will hit the market for users who go for visual performance.

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