Tour One Wireless Headphones from JBL: Review

JBL Tour One is maybe most popular in India for its remote speakers and vehicle sound frameworks. However, the organization’s earphones and headphones are famous also. With a huge scope of items beginning from beneath Rs. 1,000 and going up to Rs. 25,000. Covering different capacities and structure factors, JBL has something on offer for purchasers with pretty much any spending plan and prerequisite. 

Valued at Rs. 24,999, the JBL Tour One offers a ton, including a great plan, valuable highlights. For example, dynamic clamor undoing, contact controls, and application support. It guarantees great sound quality as well as battery duration. Is the JBL Tour One a capable challenger to the current hero here, the Sony WH-1000XM4?

Contact Controls on the JBL Tour One

Premium over-ear earphones are regularly very enormous, to totally cover the wearer’s ears. Thus, it makes a cozy fit with legitimate commotion confinement. Nonetheless, it helps for earphones to not be pointlessly massive. So that wearing them is as yet agreeable and advantageous over extended lengths. The JBL Tour One deals with that equilibrium. With an extensively sleeker structure factor than the organization’s past lead Club One earphones.

Accessible just in dark, the JBL Tour One looks and feels extremely complex. The ear cups and headband are generally matte dark, with intelligent dark strips highlighting the edges of the ear cups. Moreover, the region is simply under the headband. JBL and ‘Visit One’ logos should be visible in particular puts on the earphones. However, the underside of the leatherette headband is cushioned for solace. However, the headset is light and was entirely agreeable to wear over long listening meetings.

The power and matching capacities are controlled with a sliding switch on the right earcup of the JBL Tour One. Flicking this to the center turns the earphones on, and holding it set up for a few seconds. The most reduced position places it in blending mode. There are additionally committed buttons for volume change on the right earcup, and a customizable button on the left. There is a 2.5mm attachment to interface the included sound system link for wired tuning in, and a USB Type-C port for charging

The Tour One over-ear remote earphones with dynamic clamor

The JBL Tour One uses a four-mouthpiece framework for voice pickup and dynamic commotion abrogation. Moreover, with two looking ahead, the third looking aside, and the fourth inside one ear cup. The outside of the right earcup is contact delicate. You can tap it to control playback and reply or separate calls.

The programmable button on the JBL Tour One can be set to one or the other cycle. Among ANC and encompassing sound modes, or summon the voice associate on your cell phone through a long press. Thus, notwithstanding Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on Android, Amazon Alexa is additionally upheld. A long push on the touch-touchy zone can likewise be set to control ANC and straightforwardness modes. Or enact the discussion through work that rapidly brings down the sound volume and permits you to have discussions.

The JBL Tour One has 40mm powerful drivers, and utilizations Bluetooth 5 for a network with help for the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs. The absence of help for cutting-edge Bluetooth codecs is a piece disheartening costing this much. Moreover, the recurrence reaction range is 10-40,000Hz (when utilized in uninvolved mode with the sound system link). And 10-22,000Hz when utilized with Bluetooth. The business bundle incorporates a hard convey case, a sound system link for wired availability. A plane connector, and a charging link.

Battery duration on the JBL Tour One is magnificent. It can run for around 30 hours on a solitary accuse of dynamic clamor dropping on and the volume at moderate levels. However, this will differ a piece contingent upon your use. Charging was additionally sensibly fast, with the headset getting to a full charge in around two hours. While utilizing the included link and a 10W power connector.

Perfect, adjusted sound on the JBL Tour One

Top-of-the-line earphones accompany the assumption for great sound quality. However, the JBL Tour One generally follows through on this, with a refreshingly nonpartisan and versatile sound. All things considered, the absence of help for cutting-edge Bluetooth codecs kept these earphones down. A piece when it came to detail and definition in the sound, contingent upon the source gadget.

One can utilize the JBL Tour One for music, calls, and video content with an iPhone 13 as my essential source. It’s feasible to advance the sound for explicit capacities. For example, paying attention to music or watching recordings, utilizing the application. And this appeared to assist make with each utilizing case a piece better.

Lows sounded loose, yet had barely sufficient assault and drive to not lose all sense of direction. In the significantly more able mid-reach and highs. This versatile and adaptable way to deal with sound was apparent. Even in quicker tracks, for example, Yeke by Stylo and Space Motion, invigorating the quick beat barely enough be heard close by the infectious customary African vocals of Guinean artist Mory Kante.

Dynamic commotion abrogation on the JBL Tour One was great

It most certainly assisted with keeping dynamic commotion crossing out on. Thus, the volume on the higher side – around the 80% imprint. To get the best subtlety and character out of these earphones.

The degree of detail on offer and an absence of full-scale drive and assault keep the JBL Tour One down a little. When contrasted with a comparatively evaluated rivalry like the Sony WH-1000XM4. The Tour One makes a decent attempt to offer some fun of real value. And audience members searching for balance and an absence of ‘debasement’ in the sound will see the value in the JBL Tour One’s sonic mark. However, there’s somewhat absent at the top.

Dynamic commotion abrogation on the JBL Tour One was great. As you ought to anticipate from a very good quality headset. It’s more outfitted to the common commotion of the outside and didn’t exactly proceed as astonishingly inside. All things considered, there was as yet an observable decrease in regular family clamors, for example, the murmur of a roof fan, however, the Tour One didn’t quiet these sounds as actually as some contending items can. Voices and the hints of action were a clue gentler.

Outside, especially while strolling in the city, the JBL Tour One worked effectively of diminishing clamor, guaranteeing that I could pay attention to music and book recordings plainly. The encompassing sound and talk-through modes permit you to hear your environmental factors without removing the earphones. Yet the sound felt a piece counterfeit and superfluously enhanced in loud conditions. The Bluetooth network on the headset was steady at distances of up to 4m for me.


The exceptional remote earphones section is to a great extent overwhelmed by a modest bunch of brands like Sony, Apple, and Bose. As a laid-out name in the earphones business, this value portion was painfully missing a fit choice from JBL, as of recently. The JBL Tour One is a proficient pair of remote dynamic surrounding sound-blocking earphones for Rs. 25,000. It offers a spotless, adjusted sonic signature, great dynamic clamor retraction outside, amazing battery duration, and awesome elements, including a phenomenal and point-by-point sidekick application that allows you to change the earphones however you would prefer.

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