The Sensational Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus 

Samsung has always remained competitive with other brands, and no doubt it competes very well with its high quality products at comparatively reasonable pricing. Recently Samsung has launched an electronic tablet called Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus. This tab has many sublime and exceptional features including 11” display, 8 GB RAM, 64 GB Internal Storage and many more features. Today we have come with a new gadget, let’s start gossiping about Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus

When smartphones were launched in India, people had no idea about it and they did not even know how to use it. But as time gradually evolves people become experts in using smartphones, now for a while they can live without food but they can not live without their smartphones. Do you think they get influenced by smartphones? Actually No, but they get influenced by the features of that smartphone. Smartphones have fulfilled all the needs and the requirements of the people. But somehow whatever they watch on the mobile phones is very tiny, which becomes problematic for their eyesights and they can not always watch those things on a laptop, because it’s big in size and can not be carried always. 

These issues by people serve as an advantage for the electronic brands. Brands now have an opportunity to innovate and develop something which is in between the mobile phone and the laptop. And that’s where the electronic Tablets were manufactured and launched. Launching the tablets allowed companies to tap into a new market segment and diversify their product offerings. The launch and manufacturing of tablets were driven by a combination of Technological Innovation, Market Opportunities, and the evolving needs of the consumer who are seeking more flexible mobile computing solutions. 

About Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean Multinational Conglomerate that has established itself as one of the world’s leading technological brands. Samsung operates in various sectors including information technology, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and semiconductors. Samsung is widely recognised for its consumer electronics, involving smartphones, tablets, televisions, home appliances, memory chips, and displays. This MNC is a global company with significant market presence around the world. Samsung always plays a major role in shaping the technological landscape. Samsung invests heavily on Innovations, and has always been at the forefront of technological advancements by introducing new features and technologies in their products. 


An electronic tablet or a Tablet is a portable computing device that features a touchscreen interface. Tablets are larger than the smartphones but compact than the traditional laptops, which makes them highly portable and versatile. The tablet has many characteristics including -Touchscreen interface, operating system, Multimedia Capabilities, Connectivity, Productivity Features, and the Camera and the sensors. 

The first ever tablet that launched in India was in April, 2010. 

Key specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A9 Plus 

Brand Samsung 
Model Galaxy A9+
Screen Size 11”
Processor Octa-core
Internal Storage 64 GB
Rear Camera 8 megapixels
Front Camera5 megapixels 
Operating System Android 13 
Battery 5100 mAh 
Colors Grey, Silver and Dark Blue

In the Box 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus box has the main product, the tablet, with the USB type C Data Cable and the sim ejector. 


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus is a dual sim tablet that accepts the e-sim and the regular cards. It has a 64 GB internal storage that can be expandable via SD card. It measures approx 305 x 204 x 37 mm (height x width x thickness). This tablet weighs approx 510.00 gms and launched in the colors Gray, Silver and the Dark Blue. 

Display and the Processor

The Samsung Galaxy A9 plus has a 11” display with 90 hz LCD, that enables the smooth scrolling on the tablet. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. This tablet is powered by an Octa-core Snapdragon 695 SoC processor. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 plus runs operating system OneUI 5.1.1 which is based on Android 13. 


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 plus has a rear camera of 8 megapixels and a front camera of 5 megapixels for selfies. 


This tablet is powered by the 5100 mAh non removable battery and also have a feature of fast charging with USB Type C. 


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus can connect to the USB Type -C, Wi-fi, Bluetooth  and the GPS. It can connect to the 3.5 mm headphones. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus has sensors including ambient light sensor, compass/ magnetometer, proximity sensor and the accelerometer. 

The price of this tablet in India is approx Rs. 20,999/- investing such a big amount in purchasing the tablet requires a high security and maintenance. Which can not be fulfilled by the 1 year warranty. That’s why the Warranty is there to help you out with the extended warranty plans at the cheapest price plans. GoWarranty empowers your appliances and gadgets for longer. 

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Samsung has launched an electronic Tablet called Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 plus, with features including the 11” display with 90 hz LCD panel. It also has the rear camera of 8 megapixels and the front selfie camera of 5 megapixels. Besides this, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus offers a non removable battery of 5100 mAh. Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus processes the operating system OneUI 5.1.1 which is based on Android 13. It can connect to the wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS, and the USB type C. 

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