Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV: Perfect for both Content and Gaming

Samsung has a stronghold in the Indian electric appliance market, and it has consistently pushed upgraded products through 2022. The new Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV replaces the previous QN95A. Major enhancements include advancements in contrast, upscaling, backlight controls, and eye-friendly colour and brightness levels. The 65-inch model we received costs 3.49 lakh. If budget isn’t an issue, the new Samsung QN95B is an ideal TV for both content and gaming.


The company has refined the design to a new extent right out of the box, making the new Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV slimmer than the QN95A. The Infinity design concept is responsible for the new slim design. The bezels around the television are thin and almost non-existent. The company did not keep any ports on the television. This gives it a monolithic shape and equal flatness on the back and front sides, giving the TV the appearance of being glued to the wall.

The lack of any connections on the QN95B Neo QLED’s primary bodywork, other than a single port for an external One Connect box, emphasises the device’s simple design. The One Connect box is noticeably lighter and slimmer than the previous year’s model, and it has a really nice, clean feel to it. It fits into the back of the angled neck connecting the screen to the support plate.


The centre-mounted stand is substantial, but it takes up little space on your table. The TV wobbles easily due to the relatively small size of the stand. The stand’s footprint on the 65-inch model is 14.4″ x 11.6″. The stand provides approximately 3.1 inches of clearance between your table and the screen, allowing most soundbars to be placed in front of it without blocking the screen.

In the Box

The box includes four HDMI ports, all of which can support the most recent gaming features, such as 4K feeds at 120Hz refresh rates that can be customised. It’s worth noting that the QN95B now supports frame rates of up to 144Hz, which matches the majority of high-end PC displays. In addition, the box has three USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, a USB-C port, as well as an optical port. The Samsung QN95B comes with a solar-powered remote control that charges itself by absorbing light from the environment. The remote has a few one-handed buttons as well as dedicated buttons for voice control, Netflix, Prime Video, Samsung TV Plus, and Disney+ Hotstar.

Viewing Experience

The new Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV offers finer details and improved contrast thanks to Quantum Matrix Technology Pro (with Quantum Mini LED) and Shape Adaptive Light Control. The Quantum Mini LED is 1/40th the size of a typical LED, allowing for greater colour brightness, deeper blacks, and less image blooming. Shape Adaptive Light Control carefully analyses distinct objects in the image and regulates lights accordingly to provide a seamless viewing experience.

The viewing experience is further improved by the Neural Quantum Processor, which adjusts brightness and colour temperature to make images more appealing. It also automatically reduces blue light for improved eye comfort and sleep, reducing eye strain. HDR10 content available on various platforms looks fantastic, with sharp contrast and well-balanced shadows. We would have liked to see Dolby Vision in the QN95B because it would have elevated the viewing experience.

Video Mode

The QN95B outperforms Samsung’s first mini-LED TVs from a year ago. We were delighted to discover that this is especially true when gaming. Blooming is virtually non-existent in both game and video mode with the QN95B, giving virtual worlds a more consistent, lifelike appearance.

Thanks to Samsung’s upgraded AI machine learning system, the QN95B draws on the expertise of at least 20 image-analyzing neural networks. The QN95B’s own processor chooses the best image-handling results from a large knowledge base that many neural networks can provide. Despite the fact that the panel remains natively 10-bit, the extra processing capacity in the 65QN95B results in an increase in image processing from 12 to 14 bits, which we believe is also responsible for the improvements in shadow details we notice.

Sound Quality

The new Samsung QN95B includes the company’s Object Tracking Sound system, which uses speakers to surround the TV’s frame to expand the soundstage and more precisely place elements within a movie mix. For improved sound quality, Samsung has integrated Dolby Atmos decoding into its OTS system.

The combination of Dolby Atmos and the OTS speaker produces excellent sound quality, with sound effects placed precisely within the sound stage. The bass level is also pleasing, as you can clearly hear the beats and drops. In terms of sound quality, you can expect immersive sound similar to that of a home theatre.


Samsung completely redesigned its smart interface and system with the introduction of the Tizen TV interface on its 2022 TVs. Almost every streaming service you’ve heard of is available on Samsung’s Tizen-based smart OS, and it’s as simple to use as Google TV OS. The new television line includes a Renewed Home Screen that displays all content, smart functions, and settings on a single screen. The Samsung TV Plus feature eliminates the inconvenience of subscriptions by enabling users to watch 45+ free local and global TV channels for entertainment, news, sports, and more. The new OS does not feel sloppy in any way, and we did not experience any lag while playing games.


Samsung has included Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro to provide users with a better gaming experience. The 2022 Neo QLED series allows gamers to perform fluid, seamless motions with no lag. The Game Bar allows players to easily check their gameplay progress and adjust game settings. Additionally, the Zoom-in feature and Ultra-wide vision eliminate blind spots.


If money isn’t an issue, the new Samsung QN95B is an excellent choice. The TV has excellent picture quality and competes with more expensive models due to its ability to present content in a soothing and vivid manner. The new Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV is not only a visual treat, but it is also an excellent choice for gamers.

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