Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum: Beautifully Designed with great security features

Samsung’s Jet Bot AI+, which was released in the first half of 2022, is the brand’s most advanced and smart robot vacuum cleaner to date. LiDAR and 3D navigation, object detection (and avoidance), and remote-control cameras are among the innovative features. 

However, before we go into more geeky details, take a look at this. Working in the interiors sector is able to reproduce design snobbery, but when I unboxed the Samsung Jet Bot AI+, I saw nothing to sneer at. This was clearly one of the most appealing robot vacuums I’d tested, looking like a sleek cross between a Stormtrooper and a Monster Truck, but with Porsche-grade elegance.  

Online customer reviews from Jet Bot AI+ owners have been mixed throughout the last year. Some say they love it more than toast and consider it to be one of the best robot vacuums available. Others want to throw it in the water (figuratively) and go back to their favourite cordless vacuum. Continue reading to find out thoughts.


Samsung Jet Bot AI+ is available for INR 81,999. There is no doubt that the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ is a worthwhile investment. It shares specifications, pricing, and capabilities with iRobot’s Roomba s9+ self-emptying robot.


This is the monster truck of robot vacuums, solidly made and impressively durable, and its design is difficult to fault – at least in terms of appearance. The Misty White livery will complement most homes, and the Clean Station bin/charging station is similarly elegant and luxurious. A light bar in front of the robot flashes white when it’s moving and yellow when it’s charging. 

When in Sound Effect mode, the Jet Bot plays a cheerful jingle when it takes off and returns to the charging base, offering an audible indication that everything is in order. You can switch the Sound Mode to Voice.

On the machine itself, there are only three important buttons: stop, start and go home, as well as a sliding switch on the side that switches the vacuum cleaner completely on and off. App proficiency is required for full functionality. The programme in question is Samsung’s SmartThings home automation app, which I already use with our Frame TV and speaker. Adding a new device was simple, and the Jet Bot app control portion is well-organized for easy use. 


I’ve been using the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum to clean the bottom floor of our house for over a month, and it wasn’t until the very end of this test period that a task was done without incident. In fact, I had to ask if I might keep it for a little longer than usual simply to meet this goal. Surprisingly, the Jet Bot is a fantastic mapper, producing a reliable map of our bottom floor faster than any other robot vacuum I’ve tested. It’s loaded with high-tech LiDAR and 3D sensors, and it spent little time figuring out where all of our furniture is and how to enter areas with several entries. It had our ground in the first run.

Unfortunately, these exceptional mapping abilities did not appear to benefit in real-world navigation. The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ was terrible at finding its charging base, the rooms I’d programmed it to clean, and getting out of a paper bag! I’d hardly started the car for the school run when I got a notification saying it couldn’t find the room it was supposed to be cleaning.

Object Recognition and Intelligent Power Control

Object Recognition was fantastic. Or, more precisely, navigating around said items. This feature was apparently created to address the issue of robots smearing pet poo about the house while you’re away – disgusting! Since our dogs are really well-behaved, I was just relieved not to receive constant signals that the robot was entangled in somewhere it shouldn’t be, nor did I have to waste valuable time inspecting all the rooms for potential threats. 

Another useful feature that worked well is the intelligent power control, that automatically adjusts power based on the kind of floor, conserving battery life. There’s also the option to set the power to Max or Normal, but why would you do that when there’s a Smart button that does all the work for you? 

Aside from navigation and speed issues, how effective was the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ in cleaning? Yes and no, in a nutshell! I was having trouble with the margins of a room at first since the vaccum wasn’t going close enough to suck up the drifts of dog hair that our Sprocker Spaniels shed all year.


Samsung Jet Bot+ doesn’t have the longest battery life on the market.

When there is less than 10% remaining in the tank, it recharges and takes roughly 3.5 hours to charge. The 90-minute running time offered was correct and should have been plenty to cover our entire bottom floor. However, the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ must be slower or more thorough than the other robots I’ve tested. It could barely manage three rooms before returning home to refuel; four rooms at most. 


While you’re away, use the built-in cameras to keep an eye on your pets and any burglars. The software functions as a remote control, allowing you to wheel your robot about the house, looking for daredevilry and danger, but only at ankle level. The roller may not be ideal for carpets, but it is excellent for removing human hair. The Jet Bot was simply too tall and/or too wide to fit under the majority of our furniture, including the sofa with higher-than-usual legs and the dining chairs. It did, however, limbo under the bar stools. This is your hard-flooring pal; it may be good with low-pile carpet, but don’t bother if yours is toe-sinkingly plush. The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ is unquestionably attractive and will not interfere with the decor of even the most sophisticated households.

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