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In the world of truly wireless earphones, Samsung galaxy buds pro is at its best. Samsung has recently launched these amazing earbuds which are rocking in the market with their fabulous features. The main features discussed are its ipx7 waterproofing certification and active noise cancellation, along with this battery life is just unbelievable. In this article, we have discussed every single detail. So that users don’t miss out on anything.
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Samsung galaxy bud’s pro has a very unique design, which is made to fit in the user’s ear at best. It comes in three colors namely phantom black, phantom violet, and phantom silver. Color is invented in order to match with the Samsung galaxy s21 and also the charging case. Speaking about the case, it is designed like a little magic box. There is a concave lid that unhinges from the middle and flips up. It is very compact and slips easily in your pocket. It contains led on both outside and inside of the case which turns red, yellow, and green depending on the battery.

These bean-shaped buds are fairly long when fit in the ear. It is around 20.8mm long. The bud’s outside surface is glossy and touch reflective. It has additional amplifiers with a breeze watch that decreases encompassing commotion when strolling outside. It houses the 11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter. The box has two additional sets of ear tips to help users better seal, which is essential.

You’ll likewise discover a sub-c charging link without ahead – a piece of Samsung’s transition to decrease squander and a possible obstacle to people simply getting their first earbuds. Controls are simple and not so hard to master. The default controls include a single touch to play/pause your music; a double touch plays the next song or answers/ends a call; a triple touch plays the previous track; and touch and hold activate your preset feature, which by default switches between ambient and noise cancellation modes. For the last control, you need to download the Samsung wearable app.

Overall, they are very comfortable and do not suffer pressure build from outside due to external vent.


samsung buds pro

The two main features of Samsung galaxy bud’s pro are its IPX waterproofing and active noise cancellation technology. Till now Samsung earbuds have ipx2 and ipx4 waterproofing, which means they will act well in case of sweat and few drops of water droplets. But it is not meant to worn when you are doing an intense workout. But these new earbuds have ipx7 certification water resistance. So now your earbuds are protected from water for 30 minutes up to a depth of one meter. Now if they fall in the bathtub or you have to clean them under running water, you don’t have to worry.

It is a big step taken by Samsung and put really high standard for the competitors.
Moving on to the noise cancellation technology, it has three in build microphones which help galaxy earbuds to perform better. If you walk around your house wearing them, they are good enough that they will reduce the voice of conversation going on. The flip side of active noise cancellation is audio amplification – also known as audio passthrough – that can be accessed by pressing and holding the touch-capacitive panel.

The galaxy bud’s pro can take outside audio and pipe it into your ears, amplifying sound by as much as 20db, making them convenient to wear in airplane terminals. Some additional features such as smart things find, located inside the smart thing’s app, can show you a map of where your devices are, even when they’re offline and disconnected from Bluetooth. If you have multiple galaxy products, you can switch devices seamlessly with the buds pro thanks to an auto switch feature.

Audio performance

Audio Performance Galaxy Buds Pro

The sound is tuned by AKG, overall, it has a very decent and balanced sound. In simple language, you all be able to listen to smooth baseline songs. While that is another merit is the earphones have for Samsung cell phone proprietors, it truly puts the earbuds in a spot with regards to different stages. Had Samsung additionally authorized apt had from QUALCOMM or used the more current Bluetooth le codec, you’d have more far-reaching had upheld, yet we guess some UHQ sound help is superior to none.

Battery life

The Samsung galaxy buds pro’s battery life is good for active noise-canceling earbuds. It offers 11 hours of the runway in a single charge. Samsung earbuds provide five hours of listening pleasure on one cycle, after which the charging case can provide an additional 13 hours if you have ANC turned on. If you turn it off the buds will last seven to eight hours, and you can get upwards of 20 hours of battery from the case.
These bean-shaped earbuds support fast charging and five minutes charge is enough to make them work for 1-hour play. As we read earlier it has USB -C port, but wireless charging is also possible.

Price and availability

Price of Galaxy Buds Pro

The Samsung galaxy buds pro was launched with the Samsung galaxy s21 smartphone on 14 January. It became worldwide available from 15 January. Samsung earbuds were initially priced at $169.99. it may vary if any offers will be applied. It may sound a little pricey but they are worth taking, considering the features and the upgrades they are priced at their best. If we speak about affordability, it may not sound that affordable with such a price.


This was all you need to know about Samsung galaxy buds pro. We have discussed every detail one needs to know about the amazing earbuds. Let us know in the comment section below which is your favorite thing about new galaxy buds and what more you prefer in earbuds.

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  1. These are truly wireless earbuds with professional-grade technology for genuinely immersive sound. On the other hand, intelligent ANC allows you to switch between noise cancellation and completely customizable ambient sound easily. So either will enable the outside world in or keep it out. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will allow you to get the most out of your music.

    Phantom Silver, Phantom Violet, and Phantom Black are the three Stunning colour choices for the Samsung Galaxy buds pro. All three of these colours are easy to fit with your latest Samsung Galaxy S21 flagship smartphone. With Noise Cancellation sensors, Motion Sensors, and an AI-based Processor, these Buds are an innovation for the technology world. AKG has engineered this earbuds sound.

    Samsung Galaxy earbuds Pro have a water-resistant IPX7; Thus, these earbuds are now waterproof for 30mins at a depth of one metre. You no longer have to be worried if they fall into the bathtub or if you need to clean them under running water. For active noise-cancelling earbuds, the Samsung galaxy buds pro has decent battery life. On a single charge, it provides 11 hours of runway use. Feel free to visit Blog. Poorvika to know more about Samsung Galaxy buds Pro specs and the features it offers

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