Is Realme Cobble a reasonable Bluetooth speaker you can purchase at the present time?

Realme may be most popular for its cell phones, however, the organization has entered various item fragments since its introduction in 2018. The organization currently sells TVs and streaming gadgets, headphones, wearables, PCs and tablets, and shrewd home items in India. As of late, Realme likewise entered the Bluetooth speaker portion. Offering reasonable models with highlights that you don’t ordinarily see on items in a similar value range. The item I’m checking on here, the Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker, guarantees generally that and that’s just the beginning.

Evaluated at Rs. 1,799 in India, the Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker, offers a great deal that you commonly wouldn’t see at this value level, including 5W sound results. USB Type-C charging, and customisability through the Realme Link application. Is this the best convenient remote speaker you can purchase right now on a limited spending plan?

Realme Link application support for the Cobble Bluetooth speaker

The name ‘Cobble’ is a reference to cobblestone which used to be a common structural material for roads, asphalt, and even structures. This speaker is oval-mold and has an enormous grille over the top-terminating driver. A Realme logo is painted in the focal point of the grille. And I got a dark unit for this audit. The Cobble is additionally accessible in blue, with a fascinating disguise design on the grille rather than a Realme logo.

The Realme Cobble is neither extremely tall nor exceptionally wide, and it sits steadily on any surface gratitude to little elastic feet at the base. One side of the speaker has a proper tie for simply taking care of. And the contrary side has an elastic fold that covers the USB Type-C port. The Realme Cobble speaker is IPX5 evaluated for water obstruction. And ought to consequently have the option to deal with a couple of sprinkles of water.

The front has two buttons; one is for power, and the other is a multi-work button. The last option can be designed to control playback and different capacities. Different button-press mixes can be tweaked through the Realme Link application. And the speaker naturally goes into blending mode when it isn’t associated with any source gadget. There’s additionally an amplifier and a marker light on the front.

The Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker has a solitary 5W driver. It involves Bluetooth 5 for availability with help for the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs. Remembered for the business bundle is a USB Type-C charging link. The speaker weighs simply 200g, making it advantageous to heft around.

The Realme Link application can be utilized to redo button conduct

The Realme Link application can be utilized to redo button conduct. Flip the auto power-off element to save power when the speaker is inactive for 15 minutes. Enact the low-dormancy game mode, and switch between adjuster presets. The application likewise shows the battery level of the speaker. And can be utilized to set up sound system blending assuming that you have a second Realme Cobble speaker. These are very great highlights for a reasonable remote speaker. And most others in this value range don’t have much usefulness.

Battery duration is adequate for a Bluetooth speaker of this size and cost. The 1,500mAh battery in the Realme Cobble had the option to drive it for around eight hours. A solitary accuse of the volume at moderate levels for music, in addition to intermittent calls. This was near the nine hours of playback time Realme claims for the Cobble.

Sensibly boisterous and great sound on the Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker

Most remote speakers are valued beneath Rs. 2,000 aren’t extremely huge and are equipped towards an individual or little sweep listening experience. The Realme Cobble is only that. Be that as it may, it is sensibly clearly at its cost and size with the volume turned up. And sounds fair even at around the 80% volume level.

The top-terminating speaker driver implies that the sound spreads genuinely well around the gadget. And this permits it to be utilize in pretty much any position including hanging by its tie. In spite of the fact that it vibrates a ton in ordinary use, the elastic feet keep it stable when put on any level surface. And I found the multi-work button simple to arrive at when I utilized this speaker in my work area.

Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker is best utilized for music

While paying attention to Everlasting Days by Nu: Logic with the volume turned up, the Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker made for a charming encounter. With a sound that was spotless and strong for a gadget of this size and cost. The Cobble had the option to stay aware of the changing speed. And drive of this track, yet all things considered, the low-end didn’t sound as noteworthy. As I had expected – the bass sounded a cycle level and ailing in the pound.

Changing the balancer preset through the application worked on the thunder and assault a little. However, on the flip side, I observed that the mid-reach and highs experienced a piece, therefore. I exchanged back to the ‘Adjusted’ EQ preset. And paid attention to a lot increasingly slow refined The Girl From Back Then by Kings of Convenience. Norwegian artist Erlend Nye’s profound vocals sounded quieting and exact. As did the highs of the snazzy piano and saxophone riff toward the finish of the track.

I was most open to paying attention to music on this speaker at around the 60% volume level with it set around two feet from me. The Cobble can deal with playback up to the 80% volume mark before the music begins to sound a piece brutal and contorted. At its most noteworthy sensible volume level, the Realme Cobble gets clearly enough and delivers adequate sound to work in a sensibly measures room. Obviously, you can convey it with you from one space to another and even use it outside.


The Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker is best utilize for music. However, it functions admirably enough for intermittent discourse weighty video content as well. It likewise has an amplifier to empower without hands use for calls, and call execution was satisfactory. Albeit the mouthpiece got my voice tolerably enough, I couldn’t hear guests well indeed. I frequently expected to get the speaker and carry it closer to hear obviously, even at high volumes.

Realme’s first Bluetooth speaker in Quite a while is great for various reasons, however, what stands apart most is the worth on offer here. At Rs. 1,799, this is a generally excellent minimal remote speaker with a pleasant plan, customizability through an application, IPX5 water opposition, and good sound.

Albeit not quite as bass-blissful as many could expect, the Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker offers a spotless, exact, and sensibly noisy sound at its cost. There’s tiny to gripe about with the Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker, and it has effectively become one of my top picks in this portion.

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