Google Starts Rolling Out Switch to Android App compatible for Mobile Phones Running Android 12

While moving from one Android gadget to another gadget, it’s not difficult to connect 2 cell phones together to consistently copy all your applications, contacts, messages, photographs, and then some – either without wire or with a USB link. From. Conversely, copying your information from iPhone to Android hasn’t been close to as straightforward a cycle that includes backing up your information to Google Drive and re-establishing it physically. Android 12 has made things somewhat more straightforward, permitting you to copy over contacts, applications, and media, yet just through a Lightning cable connection.

On the other way, for over 5 years, Apple has offered a committed “Move to iOS” application for Android that endeavours to make it as simple as conceivable to join Apple’s environment. In July 2021, we announced that Google was dealing with its own application to assist new clients with building their next Android phone.

switching to Android is currently delicate sent off in the App Store as an unlisted application – a feature that Apple has launched recently – open just by means of an immediate connection that our APK Insights group uncovered. was prepared to do.

With that connection, we had the option to effectively introduce Switch to Android on an iPhone and make it run. Be that as it may, while everything seems, by all accounts, to be prepared on the iOS side of things, Android’s arrangement and re-establish process isn’t exactly prepared to switch to Android application accessibility presently.

Google today reported that the Switch to Android application for iOS customers is currently viable with all Android 12 cell phones. The iOS application, which was sent off recently, facilitates the progress between versatile stages by assisting users to import their contacts, calendars, photographs, and recordings to their new Android cell phones. Preceding the present extension, the application was restricted to Pixel telephones.

The application begins an exchange interaction on your iPhone by showing a QR code that you can scan to relocate your information to your new Android phone. You’ll be incited to interface your old iPhone to your new Android phone, either with your iPhone wire or wirelessly by means of the new Switch to Android application.

As well as transferring data, the application gives different directions about the exchange process, for example, how to unregister iMessage to keep getting messages on another Android gadget. The application will likewise give you tips for your new gadget, for example, figuring out how to move photographs from iCloud.

“Beginning today, support for the Switching to Android application on iOS is carried out to all Android 12 cell phones, so you can move some significant data from your iPhone to your new Android device,” said Lisa Ma, a gathering item supervisor at Android. Told., in a blog entry. “Whenever you have your new Android phone, adhere to our simple arrangement directions to head through the information transfer procedure.”

Before the organization presented the application, Google’s recommended process for moving from iPhone to Android included clients backing up their contacts, calendar, photographs, and recordings through the Google Drive iOS application prior to exchanging gadgets. The new Switch to Android application does likewise however in a more straightforward and quicker way.

News updates from different sources:

Update 1

In a proclamation to TechCrunch, Google has said that they have begun doing Switch to Android accessible for iPhone proprietors, steadily making the application freely accessible on the App Store. Meanwhile, the application is accessible to anyone with any interest through an immediate connection. Obviously, Switch doesn’t work on its own on Android, requiring a few changes to the Android arrangement process, which are likely as yet going on.

Update 2

Starting in another tweet, Google is presently effectively elevating its Switch to Android application to potential Pixel clients as well as through a new landing page on the Android site. By all signs, they said that it is not completely possible to copy or exchange the information/data from your old iPhone to the new Android device either by cable or wirelessly. In particular, you can copy the accompanying.

  • WhatsApp message & media history
  • Free apps that are also available in Play Store
  • Contacts
  • Locally stored photos
  • Alarms
  • Some device settings
  • Custom wallpaper
  • DRM-free music
  • Call logs
  • Update 3
  • After initially changing to Android just for potential Pixel purchasers, Google is currently permitting the application to relocate information from the iPhone to any gadget running Android 12 or more to date. This likewise remembers gadgets for the reasonable finish of the range worked with the Android 12 Go version.
  • Generally speaking, changing to Android is a wonderfully basic encounter, making it as simple as conceivable to abandon the walled garden of the iPhone ecosystem. It’s muddled right now when Google means to change to Android when it dispatches generally, yet considering how long Apple’s own “Transition to iOS” application has been in the Play Store, Google’s choice Already coming years after the fact, then it ought to have been.
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