Dreame L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum Review: Decent Mop and Vacuum Combo

Robot vacuum cleaners have surged in popularity post-COVID. The need to maintain hygiene to limit the spread of bacteria and viruses, coupled with the shift to work-from-home, has made keeping our spaces clean more crucial. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into household appliances has allowed major brands to enhance their robotic vacuums with smarter sensors Dreame L10s Ultra. These machines have transitioned from luxury items to necessities, boasting features like mapping capabilities, self-cleaning mechanisms, and cameras.

Xiaomi-backed Dreame, a manufacturer of smart home devices, recently introduced the Dreame L10s Ultra to this competitive market. Priced at Rs. 74,999 in India, this robotic vacuum cleaner offers self-emptying and self-cleaning, automatic dust collection, mopping, and drying support. However, it’s currently discounted to Rs. 58,999 on Amazon, making it an even more attractive purchase. Is the Dreame L10s Ultra worth considering over the competition? Let’s dive in.

Dreame L10s Ultra: What’s in the Box

The Dreame L10s Ultra comes in a hefty package weighing around 13 kilograms (the base station weighs 8.9 kilograms, while the robot weighs 3.7 kilograms). The box includes the robot, base station, two rotating mop pads, a bristleless rubber brush, a filter cleaning brush, a power cord, a multi-surface floor cleaner, and a dust bag. An additional dust bag is also included. Dreame claims each dust bag lasts up to 60 days of cleaning, but more may need to be purchased later. The cost for four dust bags is Rs. 4,199, and a set of new accessories (a roller brush, two side brushes, two filters, six mop pads, and two dust bags) is priced at Rs. 7,990.

Dreame L10s Ultra Review: Design

Setting up the Dreame L10s Ultra is straightforward. The mop pads attach via built-in magnets, and side brushes clip onto the underside. After filling and inserting the fresh water tank and cleaning detergent, the base station is plugged into a power source. The device can be controlled remotely using the Dreamehome or Mi Home apps, or via Alexa and Google Home once connected to Wi-Fi. The Dreame L10s features a premium round design with a white finish and a front-mounted camera for navigation. The disc-shaped cleaning robot has a raised module for the LIDAR navigation system at the top, three buttons (Spot Cleaning, Power/Clean, and Dock), a flexible bumper, and includes various sensors for obstacle detection and navigation.

Dreame L10s Ultra Review: Setup and Mapping

In the first run, the Dreame L10s creates a 3D map of the floor, identifying obstacles using its AI-backed RGB camera and 3D structured light. It memorizes different paths, rooms, and areas by detecting walls and furniture. Multiple maps can be created for multi-floor houses, and no-go zones can be set via the app. The robotic vacuum cleaner took about five minutes to map a 1,200-square-foot apartment. Despite some initial misclassification, the mapping accuracy is impressive.

Dreame L10s Ultra Review: App

The paired app offers extensive customization options. The main screen displays the robot’s charge and cleaning status. Users can schedule cleaning cycles, choose to vacuum or mop specific rooms or zones, and set no-go zones. The app allows setting moisture levels and suction power according to each area, enhancing the smart functionality of the device.

Dreame L10s Ultra Review: Cleaning and Performance

The standout feature of the Dreame L10s Ultra is its self-cleaning mop and auto-emptying system. The robot automatically dries the mops, adds water and cleaning solution, and refills detergent and water. Equipped with AI features and smart navigation, it avoids collisions with walls and obstacles. A child lock can be activated to prevent children from tampering with the device. The onboard camera provides cleaning status updates and doubles as a security camera.

The Dreame L10s Ultra runs efficiently on carpets and other surfaces, thanks to its 5,300Pa suction power and bristleless rubber brush. It adjusts suction power to remove debris from carpets, though it can get noisy at higher settings. The device’s loud announcements and cleaning noises are notable drawbacks.

Dreame L10s Ultra Review: Maintenance

The base station’s water tank has a 2.5-liter capacity, while the robot carries 80ml of water. After mopping, the robot returns to the base station, where the mops are cleaned with cold water and dried with hot air. The dust bag in the base station needs manual emptying once notified. Regular maintenance includes cleaning the brush tray and sides. The battery lasts up to 160 minutes, sufficient for vacuuming and mopping a 1,175-square-foot area.

GoWarranty: Added Peace of Mind

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Dreame L10s Ultra Review: Verdict

The Dreame L10s is a fully automated robot vacuum mop that minimizes manual maintenance. Its self-emptying feature justifies the high price, considering the functions available in even premium models. The vacuuming and mopping are effective, and the robot offers a moving surveillance camera option. Although it costs Rs. 74,999, ongoing costs such as accessory replacements and cleaning solutions should be considered. For homes with varied floor types and pet owners, the Dreame L10s Ultra is a worthy investment. If budget constraints are a concern, more affordable options from brands like Xiaomi and Eureka Forbes are available.

Dreame L10s Ultra

Price: Rs. 74,999

Rating: 8/10


Effective vacuuming and mopping

Self-emptying feature

Onboard camera for remote monitoring

Smart mapping capabilities

User-friendly app with extensive customization options



Loud operation, especially at high suction power

Additional accessories not included

Self-cleaning with cold water, not hot

Final Thoughts

The Dreame L10s robot vacuum is an impressive addition to the growing market of AI-backed cleaning devices. With its combination of powerful suction, efficient mopping, and advanced features like self-emptying and smart navigation, it stands out as a premium choice. While it is on the expensive side, the automation and minimal maintenance it offers can justify the price for those looking for a high-quality cleaning solution. However, potential buyers should consider the ongoing costs and evaluate their specific needs, particularly if they have predominantly carpeted floors. For those who can afford it, the Dreame L10s Ultra is one of the best robot vacuum options available today.

For additional peace of mind, consider an extended warranty from GoWarranty to protect your investment and ensure long-term satisfaction with your purchase.

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