Check out the specifications, features, and pricing for the new Nokia 2660 Flip, Nokia 8210 4G, and Nokia 5710 XpressAudio from HMD Global

Three new feature phones were today worldwide revealed by HMD Global. The Nokia 2660 Flip, Nokia 8210 4G, and the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio are these three feature phones. In order to get customers’ attention, these feature phones depend on the nostalgia associated with Nokia. For instance, the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio is a spiritual descendant of the company’s earlier XpressMusic line. However, it has significant changes that make it current. In a similar vein, the Nokia 2660 Flip revives the vintage appeal of the company’s flip phones.

Nokia 2660 Flip, Nokia 8210 4G, Nokia 5710 XpressAudio price and availability

The Nokia 2660 Flip costs 64.99 Euros (about Rs 5,190), the Nokia 8210 4G costs 64.99 Euros (roughly Rs 5,190), and the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio costs 74.99 Euros (around Rs 5987), respectively. According to HMD Global, the area will begin receiving these smartphones starting on July 28. India pricing and availability have not yet been announced.


Nokia 2660 Flip

Keep in touch with the people you value. The Nokia 2660 Flip is a simple flip phone with the renowned Nokia dependability. You can converse whenever the mood strikes you thanks to a battery that lasts for days. Use the special button to call someone in case of emergency. Nokia 2660 Flip’s robust polycarbonate shell is available in three classy colours and has undergone extensive testing to assure its endurance.

The flip phone, the Nokia 2660 Flip, was created to help you become closer to the people you care about. Talking and sending texts have never been so simple because of the phone’s large display, user-friendly UI, and extended battery life. With loud audio settings and Hearing Aid Compatibility, it is simple to hear (HAC). If the need arises, you may reach a loved one right away by pressing the emergency button.

Texting and phoning are made easier by the large buttons and screen. For excellent call quality, combine with loud sound settings. a day-long lasting battery. Use the special button to call someone in case of emergency. With or without a headset, for broadcasts, music, and sports.

The large buttons, crystal-clear 2.8″ display, and user-friendly design make texting and calling simpler than ever. Use the emergency button to quickly call up to 5 of your contacts; it is accessible whether the phone is open or closed. Enjoy your favourite sport, music, or shows at home or on the go by using earbuds or the hands-free speaker. The Nokia 2660 Flip can be charged via a charging cradle, allowing you to store and charge your phone in one convenient location.

Nokia 8210 4G

Inspired by yesterday, built for tomorrow

The newest Nokia 8210 4G pays homage to the original with a strong design and vibrant colours. Great features, audio capabilities, and smooth 4G connectivity are all available. A large display and an easy-to-use interface also make conversing and texting simpler. The Nokia 8210 4G’s larger battery allows for longer standby time, giving you the confidence to go offline. With VoLTE technology, you can also benefit from extended conversation times and crystal-clear audio quality, a new, even sleeker design. We’ve put the Nokia 8210 4G through rigorous testing, just as we do with all of our products, to make sure it meets our high standards for durability.

Designed for tomorrow, yet inspired by yesterday. In a homage to its predecessor, the Nokia 8210 4G offers you even bolder design concepts in a variety of eye-catching colours. The combination of crystal-clear audio, a large display, and an intuitive user interface makes talking and texting simpler than ever. You may keep your favourite music on the built-in MP3 player, and the wireless FM radio allows you to access your preferred channels even without a headset. Additionally, a larger battery offers weeks of standby time and extended conversation time, allowing you to shut off with confidence. Delivering quick connection times and improved call quality so you can spend more time doing the things you like. So that you may continue talking for longer.

A Phone That Easily Fits

Everything is on a phone that was made to properly fit in your hand or pocket. The new Nokia 8210 4G pays homage to the original with its dramatic design, eye-catching colours, and plenty of innovative features and audio capabilities. For more of what you love, 4G connection offers quick connectivity and improved call quality. Additionally, the Nokia 8210 4G has a user-friendly UI.

 Additionally, everything fits snugly in your palm or pocket. Find a new, larger battery so you can accomplish more while requiring fewer recharges. You may simply share the finest moments of your life with the people you care about thanks to an integrated camera. Play your favourite music with the built-in MP3 player. Perfect for brightening your day at any time or place. You may listen to your favourite sports, music, and programmes at home or on the go with this device’s wired and wireless modes.

Nokia 5710

Your rules, your music You have the flexibility to communicate, listen, and tune in whichever you like thanks to the wireless earphones that are housed beneath a stylish and durable slider on the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio. The earbuds charge while being stowed, and the long-lasting battery provides weeks of standby time and hours of conversation time. VoLTE and ambient noise reduction can let you speak more clearly during calls in noisy settings. The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio has undergone extensive testing to guarantee that it meets our strict durability criteria. You always know where the earphones are since they are securely stored within the phone.

Your rules, your music Our innovative and game-changing design, specifically created for new levels of audio freedom, is featured in the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio. Under a stylish and sturdy slider, the phone conceals a set of wireless earphones that can be removed when you wish to listen and returned to charge after usage. Additionally, you can simply switch to the phone’s loudspeaker if you wish to listen to music with friends.

In Built Wireless Earbuds

With wireless earphones, you may converse, listen, or tune in as you like. Because they are built within the phone, you will always know where they are while they are charging. Even other gadgets can work with them. Enjoy listening to your favourite sports, music, and programmes whether you’re at home, on the go, or with friends.

The built-in MP3 player lets you listen to hours of your favourite music. It’s ideal to include your favourite musicians into any part of your day. With the new, larger battery, you can listen to more music and recharge less frequently.

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