Borosil Air Fryer, 2.8 L

An Borosil air fryer is a little convection oven. The warming part creates hot air, and a solid fan courses the air through a little chamber. Accordingly, food plans faster and if the food is oily or has oil on it, it buckles down crisping it up. This helps the client with improving snacks easily. However, there are various factors to be considered prior to buying an air fryer. Some of them are figured out underneath close by several things which will help the client with getting more prominent clarity for the same.

Sorts of air fryers:

While there are many air fryers accessible, they generally fall into two classes: box air fryers and convection oven air fryers. The canister air fryers are the most renowned, with a compartment like a significant fryer to hold the food. Convection grill air fryers resemble the toaster or convection ovens, with racks to put food on and added air singing value.

Critical concentrations to think about preceding buying an air fryer:


Contemplate the parts of the cooking space, instead of as far as possible. Some air fryers are more restricted and taller, and that infers you’d have less level space for baking treats or cooking chicken or wings.


The size of the air fryer will depend upon the space which you have in the kitchen.


The cost of the air fryer depends upon numerous factors. They are ordinarily sensible yet those go with limitations. They can be extraordinarily assessed anyway will be embedded with many features which will make the presence of the client very basic concerning getting ready food. The air fryer cost will consequently depend upon factors as well as the brand. The air fryer cost is generally sensible to the client.


A compartment style borosil air fryer is the most notable. There are furthermore multi-cookers that air fryer AND strain cook your food. The primary drawback to this is that you can use every individual ability. So assuming that you really want to pressure cook some rice while you fry some chicken, you’ll have to stop and do so reliably. Other toaster style air fryer ovens are greater and have an entrance that opens with racks. These are colossal and you could warm a cake in them, notwithstanding, they genuinely take a lot of room and will unquestionably

be a consistent contraption on your kitchen counter.


This is an essential issue to consider. The contraption with higher wattage will help the client with setting up the food even more really and quickly nonetheless, it will go with a significant expense.


On the off chance that you expect to take care of your air fryer while not being utilized, buying a limited contraption would be more productive over an extended time. This will help with moving the device around really while not being utilized.


In case you mean to disregard your air fryer on your counter, guarantee it will fit in the space, and measure the amount of room you possess between the edge and the groundwork of the pantry.


The receptacle is the principal piece of your new machine, so you’ll have to ensure that it is dishwasher-safeguarded or easy to wash in the sink. A couple of models have bushels that sit on two levels so you can make two sorts of food immediately. Expecting you’d like a multi-use air fryer, pick one that is integrated into a microwave or toaster oven. Oftentimes these machines will in like manner permit you to grill, cook, and intensity as well.

Borosil Best Air Fryer, 2.8 L 

Appreciate cooking quick, simple and quality feasts for your family with our Best Air fryer. Simple use to utilize and, surprisingly, more straightforward to clean, a flexible machine you’re ensured to utilize practically every day. You can utilize it to broil, heat, barbecue and, surprisingly, cook food things. It has a temperature control setting and clock with auto shut-off to forestall overcooking. This is, all jokes expected, the BEST air fryer for your home.

Key Highlights of Borosil Best Air Fryer, 2.8 L

  • 4-in-1: fry, grill-bake and roast. make samosas, french fries, bake vegetables or cake, roast chicken and a lot more
  • cooks food using 90% less oil using quickfry technology
  • comes with a fryer basket and tray
  • stay cool frying pan handle
  • abs body, non-stick coated steel fryer basket and tray
  • space saving and smart design with cord winder
  • temperature control upto 200⁰c
  • 30 min integrated timer with auto-off function
  • easy to clean accessories
  • air vents at rear
  • 1m long power cord
  • auto-off function

Product Details

Listed below are the details and specifications of the Borosil Best Air Fryer, 2.8 L 

DetailsFeatures and Description
Special FeatureTemperature Control, Programmable
Dimensions34cm x 28cm x 33.5cm 
Recommended Uses For Product‎Roast, Bake, Reheat
Output Wattage‎1200 Watts
Item Weight‎3.2 Kilograms
Voltage230v ac / 50 hz
Capacity2.8 litres

Do’s and Dont’s 

Dos & don’ts:

  • use only oven-safe casseroles/trays/dishes to cook your food.
  • always use oven gloves or mitts.
  • do not clean with metal scouring pads.
  • do not place the appliance near a hot gas/electric burner, or any inflammable product.

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The air fryer has become the most healthy and essential kitchen equipment nowadays. Food can be easily cooked and fried with a minimal amount of oil. 

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