5 Problems every DSLR owner can relate to!

DSLRs are the go-to professional cameras for many individuals. To be honest, these high-end cameras are loved worldwide. However, these cameras are delicate and can face some problems. Today, we want to discuss these problems every DSLR owner face and offer a few solutions!

Spots on the photos

Spots on Photo

A dusty lens or sensor can cause blemishes or spots in your photos. Using a microfibre cloth or air blower will resolve this issue. A cleaning accessory such as a LensPen could do the trick if you still notice the dust. Be cautious and never use a dirty cloth on your lens. Never apply too much pressure and be very gentle as this can damage the lens.

Though rare, dust could be present on the sensor. In this case, one can use the automated sensor cleaning feature in their DSLR cameras which utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to clean dust. This issue arises when the camera lenses have been changing while shooting outdoors or in a dusty environment. 

Occasionally, you might need an air blower to clean the camera sensor. Instead of using a microfibre cloth on the lens, use one-time camera sensor wipes.

Inaccurate colour in photos

At times, we all face a colour issue in our photos. Do they seem quite inaccurate? Could be slightly orange or magenta, an unpleasant blue or red. This is a pretty common and treatable issue. In this case, you have selected an incorrect White Balance. White Balance adjusts colours and matches them to the light source. Consequently, white objects appear white with this feature. Every modern camera and DSLR has an auto feature and lets the camera decide itself. These cameras can easily fix the correct White Balance. 

Dealing with mold on the lens

Camera lenses are susceptible to mold and fungi, especially in humid climates. This arises due to trapped moisture inside or on the surface of the camera. You can recognise this as a thin and cloudy white web. It is best to avoid using the camera in such weather or humid days and keep it away from moisture if this occurs frequently. 

White dots on the photos 

Small white dots might appear on the photos which were shot at night. Though not a common issue, this occurs when the shoot happens at long exposures i.e. very long shutter speed. A lot of photographers and camera users use this technique to achieve a specific effect. The sensor noise due to the heat build-up causes these white dots. 

This is not a cause for concern since these dots usually disappear once the sensor cools down. You should always give your camera a break between photo shoots when the ambient temperatures are on the higher side. 

Removal of a lens filter

Does your lens filter seem stuck? Usually, you will face this problem when you leave them on for a considerable time. Lens are a great option since they make for better photography. Never apply force on a lens as this will definitely damage it. 

You should tap the filter all around the circumference gently. Frequently such a method works and unjams the filter. However, if it doesn’t work then apply a rubber band around the edges of the filter for better grip. If the rubber bands do not work then get a set of filter wrenches. They provide a good grip and are made of plastic so cannot scratch the camera. 

If none of these methods work, it is time to take the help of an authorised service centre. Let an expert do the job as cameras are delicate and force or strong impact could permanently damage it. 

Some tips for better DSLR usage:

  • Avoid changing the camera lens in dusty environments. Try to change them indoors away from the wind.
  • Silica gel sachets are great for absorbing moisture and preventing mold. Always carry them inside your camera bag. Replace these every few months.
  • Avoid dark, damp places that are natural environments for mold such as cupboards for camera storage. However, if stored in these areas then use your camera regularly. 
  • Use the camera a few minutes after exiting an air-conditioned room, so that the condensation can dissipate.
Tips For DSLR Users

As you can see, these problems are fixable or avoidable. However, if you still face issues then approach an expert or authorised centre. Just treat your DSLR like it’s your baby and handle it with care!

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