Must-Have Appliances In Your Kitchen Today

The kitchen is one of our favourite rooms in the house. We’ve always liked a big and spacious kitchen to dance around while we stir up delicious meals. Some of us also like the open kitchen, don’t we? But why would you want to be confined to a space that lacks basic mechanisms to function? Over the last few months, while confined in our houses, many of us have begun experimenting in the kitchen.

Hence we decided to pen down a list of must-have appliances in your kitchen today. Read along and let us know how many features in your beautiful kitchen.


Toping my list of must-have appliances in your kitchen is the dishwasher. All this while, you must be standing for hours straining your back, washing the end number of utensils. Why sweat after enjoying a delicious meal when you can put your utensils to wash hassle-free?

By investing in a dishwasher, you save about 80% of water and kill 99.9% of germs. It uses hot water to clean up your kitchenware. Don’t we need this appliance at a time like this? The plus point is that your cookware is disinfected. It completely washes away the residue of detergents. And gives you dry and ready to use kitchenware. Additional bonus – it prevents the breakage of my favourite crockery. So why not consider it a one-time investment?

Stand Mixer

A great revolutionary appliance for your kitchen will be a stand mixer. If you like baking cakes, whipping cream, baking tarts, pies, and bread, the stand mixer is a good investment. If you’re planning to buy one, invest in a powerful model with a lot of different attachments.

Don’t associate this appliance with bakers. It’s an appliance that will help in all your kneading and baking requirements.

Barbecue Grill

Don’t you wish your weekends to be noise-free after the hectic working week? I prefer barbeque nights with friends at the comfort of my home along with beers, wine, and a lot of delicious food. The best part – it’s portable and can be used for outdoor picnics, treks, camping by the lakes, etc.

Coffee Maker

I miss the experience of sitting at a café, with the energy of strangers around. What about you? So, I decided to convert a small corner of my living room into my indoor café. But soon realized that we’ve created the aesthetics, but lack the coffee experience. I am a coffee person who loves coffee but can’t manage to ace the brewing technique.

Since we’re going to be home for a while, I decided to purchase a coffee machine to bring the café experience home. It’s not the same, but it’s a great alternative. And what’s better when GoWarranty has some pocket-friendly extended warranty plans? Check it out

Toaster/Sandwich Grill

There is nothing like waking up to a good breakfast – toasted bread, eggs, fresh fruits, cold cuts, cheese, and coffee. None of us would like to wake up, waiting for the bread to toast on the gas stove. Instead, invest in a toaster/sandwich grill to enjoy your morning wholesome breakfast.

Juicer Mixer Grinder

Off late, we realized many home chefs recommending using a separate juicer, mixer, and grinder. I would say – save space and invest in gadgets from one company offering 3-in-1 appliances. In this option, you would receive 3 different jars with 1 heavy-duty motor. Here, you can enjoy fruit juices, sauces, wet and dry masalas with a single sale. Give it a try.


For years, I haven’t felt the importance of owning a microwave until about a few months ago. I had a kitchen accident where the cloth caught fire and since then, we’ve not warmed food on the gas stove. I visited Croma and bought a microwave backed by GoWarranty’s extended warranty plan. It was a hassle-free buying process. Since then, we used the microwave to heat food, bake mud cakes, and thaw meat.

Water Purifier

Wondering why a water purifier made it to my must-have appliances in your kitchen list? It’s because most of us use the boiling water technique. Over the years, impurities have increased in the water available in our home taps. The basic hot water boil won’t kill all those harmful germs. Invest in a good water purifier as there are various budgeted options in the market. So, if you haven’t bought one, it’s an ideal time to buy a water purifier right now.


Another item that you must have in your kitchen appliance is a refrigerator. You should have this with the right capacity and size to fit your daily refrigeration needs. Samsung and LG are the leading refrigerator brands in India. Followed by Whirlpool, Panasonic, Godrej, and many others. The new models are backed with a 10-year warranty along with power-saving technology. Thus, assisting in reducing your electricity bill. If you’re unaware of the capacity required before purchasing a refrigerator, note the no. of items stored in your refrigerator, space required for normal and deep freeze cooling, etc.

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